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Powerstar uninterruptible power supply (UPS) have become a valuable and important addition to  ships all over the world. Major cruise lines, such as Princess cruise lines, the US Navy, and US-allied navies equip their power systems with Powerstar UPS equipment. Many of our applications are powered by Energizer batteries. Take a look at our products here.

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Military Ships
Ruggedized units for US Navy and US-allied navies


Utility Ships
Homeland Security, shipboard satellite links

Commercial Applications
Cruise ships, tug boats, yachts, payroll computers, medical equipment.

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Power Star Inc. manufactures the best rugged militarized UPS for commercial, the military, and homeland defense. Power Star is a private American company in business since 1993 and does all its manufacturing in the United States using only high-quality motherboards. We build uninterruptible power supply solutions for both the government and commercial applications.

Industry Leaders

Industry Leaders

Power Star Inc. is a specialist in ruggedizing units for shipboard power and vehicular applications. We have multiple units that have passed the strenuous shock (MIL901D grade A, MIL810F) and vibration (MIL167) and electrical tests of the U.S. Navy and Army.

Ruggedized Products

Ruggedized Products

Power Star rugged UPS products are used for oil spars, cruise ships, tug boats, yachts, as well as Homeland Security, GEDMS/FODMS, ADMACS, COBLU, SSDS, GBS, NECC, JTIDS, ADNS, shipboard satellite links, White House comm., C4I command and control, FAA air traffic controls, blade servers, smart ship OSD.

Mission Critical

Mission Critical

Our equipment is used for payroll computers, medical equipment, Tomahawk missile launchers, IMF global offices, Macedonian Joint Operations Centers, and many other mission-critical sites.

Many of our UPS employ isolation transformers that protect sailors from shock injuries.

 The isolation transformer also prevents electromagnetic interference from affecting lines. These isolation transformers are invaluable when it comes to protecting sailors on ships gleaming.

Uninterruptible Power Supply 1504 flat.
Uninterruptible Power Supply shipboard 2 2kva

Shipboard 2.2KVA 901D UPS

2.2KVA Line interactive shipboard Δ power UPS made for hull mounting

Powerstar UPS 18in. 3KVA 2700W MILSPEC

18in. 3KVA 2700W MILSPEC

The 3KVA 2 piece Smart UPS unit with its 18″ shallow rack depth should solve your problem.

Uninterruptible Power Supply 19 4u 3kva

19″ deep 4u 3KVA Shipboard UPS

3KVA 2700W Line interactive 120V Shipboard UPS

All UPS come with a two year warranty (parts and labor) and two years on Hitemp, Longlife, more if you ask; up to six years.

Jerry Carr
PowerStar Inc – CEO

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