The AN/SPS-73 Surface Search Radar provides sophisticated navigation and surveillance capabilities.

The AN/SPS-73 Surface Search Radar (SSR) is an advanced navigation and surveillance system that can be configured for ship or land-based applications. Its radar, processors and displays combine commercial, off-the-shelf products and specialized technologies to create powerful navigational awareness. Integrated data from its own ship sensors provides SSR operators with a comprehensive view of the maritime environment. The SSR system meets or exceeds International Maritime Organization requirements and Radar Technical Commission for Maritime Services requirements for an automatic radar plotting aid.

Designed for both small and large ship applications, the SSR’s shipboard configurations have been tested in operational use by the U.S. Coast Guard. These configurations are being installed to replace the current navigational radars on U.S. Navy and Coast Guard ships and patrol craft.

Commercial customers, as well as U.S. and foreign government organizations, use land-based SSR configurations for Vessel Traffic Service applications. For increased safety and efficiency, the U.S. Coast Guard uses SSR to monitor commercial shipping in U.S. ports and waterways. SSR is also a key sensor for Coastal Surveillance System applications, such as monitoring territorial coastlines and Economic Exclusion Zones in support of law enforcement operations.

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