PS1503 1.5kva ups shipboard rugged show depth military mil grade a common

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©2017 all rights reserved considered a Navy COMMON PRODUCT replaced by the ps1503h-mb and the ps1504

 Maintenance bypass  mounting /hull  foundation mounting optional Grade a approval common product    NSN no.     MSDS



      PS1503 or PS2201 or ps1504    1550VA or 2200va  mil 901 common product  Grade A 

This gleaming stainless steel 1.55kva ups, RUGGED louvered drip proof ,MIL 901 AND MIL 167,stainless steel 304, is the leader with power range of 1550va, passed mil Grade A, barge tested and approved, non-magnetic, .02%low permeability, five models are shipping now including the PS1504 SHIPBOARD OR SHORE,NAVSSI,FODMS,GEDMS,Aegis ashore,,Minesweeper MCM,AEGIS stainless steel 304,MCM,etc. and hot-swp batteries . Also now shipping the PS3300 stainless steel 30 inch, mil 901,167, grade A barge tested  enclosure.  Modular "all-in-one" construction has options for  intelligent 100bt snmp,fiber optic, AC and DC output, EPO, relay I/O,  individual battery testing, removable front exit batteries for swap replacement, hi-reliability, and a two year limited warranty. Comes with optional  hi-temp and 10year  long lasting/hi-temp premium batteries. This is the new leader in Tactical, industrial, or shipboard power protection.  Fully non-magnetic, stainless steel case and shell. This means you should call the leader in UPS design, and function. 800-209-5556..UPS Stainless steel non-magnetic .  UPS certified by US Navy,grade A MIL 901, mil 1399 safety certs and it is a Navy common product


Features and benefits: PS1503 1.55kva floor mount


 PREMIUM 10-12 YEAR LIFE hi-Temp 60 degree C batteries optional. 2 year battery shellife option



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