powerstar inc ups 0zap8PS 10000   10kva rackmount ups w/ shipboard mil connectors  855 252 -5253


 ps10000 10kva manual

  PS10000  10kva  6u ps8000 8kva



PS-10000 =10 KVA 6U 200v, 208v, 220v 47-63Hz power split or 2 phase in & out UPS - 8000w capacity

PS-10000i =10 KVA 6U (200v/380v), (220v/400v) or (240v/415v) 3 input with 1 output, or 240V 1 in & out 8000w capacity  as used on US submarines and HUMVEE

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Model PS10000 Dual-Conversion True online UPS

5u rackmount

Features: The new PS10000 UPS is loaded with features, and packed with power performance protection.  FCC class A and UL approved

Delivery is normally less than 30 days, 2 year warranty.

  Optional isolation transformer- step up or down available

  No cost extra; optional MIL- 1399 configuration for shipboard power

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