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UPS Shipboard Ready 10 KVA 6U- 2 Models

UPS Shipboard Ready 10 KVA 6U- 2 Models

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The new PS 10000 is loaded with Military features and packed with power performance protection.

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Powerstar Inc PS 10000Powerstar Inc. Shipboard UPS since 1993

The new PS 10000 is loaded with Military features and packed with power performance protection. FCC Class A and UL Approved

2 Models to Choose:

  • PS-10000 10 KVA 6u 200v, 208v, 220v 47-63Hz power split or 2 phase in & out UPS – 8000w capacity
  • PS-10000i 10 KVA 6u (200v/380v), (220v/400v) or (240v/415v) 3j input with 1j output, or 240V 1in & out – 8000w capacity

Model PS10000 Dual-Conversion True Online UPS Features:

The new PS10000 UPS is loaded with military features, and packed with power performance protection. FCC class A and UL approved.

Delivery is normally less than 30 days, and 40 days with mil locking connectors for the military. 2 year warranty.

  • 10.5″x19″x26.5″depth (263x432x663mm) -244 lbs. net weight
  • mil connectors for up to eight rugged connection, will not shake loose in a humvee
  • Operating temp is (0 to 40°C) unless optional batteries are used. We have High temperature Batteries available.
  • The standard internal battery pack is rated @ 1920VAhr Sealed Lead-Acid VRLA. Order 2ea. PSrbc44 or PSrbc44H for replacement.
  • Sound = 55 dbA – 2216 BTU/hr heat output at full load
  • Dual conversion UPS mode is standard for this workhorse.
  • Multi-pole AC Noise filtering- .3% IEEE surge let-through- zero clamping response meets UL1449
  • Output can be 208, 220, 240v; 50-60Hz ± .1Hz. (preset or automatic frequency)
  • Military connectors are installed upon request.
  • Optional isolation transformer- step up or down available
  • No cost extra; optional MIL- 1399 configuration for shipboard power
  • Allows computers with 50/60Hz operation to deploy overseas.
  • Intelligent UPS; the built-in self test checks UPS and battery condition every 2 weeks and is configurable for the test interval.
  • Audio alarms as well as LED and networked indicators.
  • Built-in Ethernet SNMP/ Web based monitor and control system. Also “Smart UPS” RS232 monitor port can supply closure outputs for alarms.
  • SNMP uses the world famous Powerchute software.
  • UPS shutdown software available for UNIX, HP, SUN, SCO,NT, Novell, Windows
  • Dual pole circuit breaker-optional for cshipboard, 120G breaker on Mil- 1399 configuration if needed.
  • EPO Emergency Power Off- simple low power wiring can shutdown the output completely.
  • Intelligent ruggedized packaging- it can survive being bolted onto a HMMWV! We build them tough.
  • Multi-LED array display monitors the input voltage from the front panel.
  • Front panel also has LEDs indicators for Online, On-Battery, Bypass mode, Fault, Overload and Replace Battery indicators.
  • The firmware is upgradeable in the field if needed.
  • Rack-mount rails, RS232 cable and Manual are included. Jonathan slide is available.
  • The following back panel is standard for PS10000- 2ea. L6-30, 2ea. L6-20 and 2ea. external battery connectors. Also, terminal blocks are included for Hard Wiring input & output. 4 rear mounted circuit breakers protect the outlets.
  • — Powerstar has optional back plates for this unit. Canon connectors optional.
  • PS10000back panel has 4ea. IEC320-c19 16A connectors and a breaker for each as well as 4ea. IEC 320-C13 10A connectors with 1 breaker to protect them. Terminal block input and output also included for Hardwire/conduit installations.
  • Batteries are installed in 4 metal trays and slide in to the front of UPS. This makes the packs very easy to replace. External battery connector on back panel included if you want to add more.
  • 1920VAhr. standard battery pack gives 13 minutes runtime @ 4000W load or 8 minutes @ 8000W.
  • Additional battery Racks available from Powerstar, just plug in as many as you need.
  • — i.e., PS10000 + 1 additional rack gives 28 minutes @ 4000W – 11 minutes @ 8000W total.
  • — PS10000 + 2 additional PS10000-BP will run the unit 46 minutes @4000W –20 minutes@8000W.
  • Additional Battery Rack is 1920VAhr. 200 lbs. 3u x19″x26″ # PS10000-BP (contains 2ea. PSrbc44)
  • Standard batteries should be stored in moderate (68°) temperature for maximum shelf life. (maximum storage -4 to 113°F) – High temperature batteries available.

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