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Shipboard UPS 3KVA 2U New Generation

Shipboard UPS 3KVA 2U New Generation

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Powerstar PS3300rm2u is a 3kva true online UPS that supports a full 2700Watt load.

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Powerstar PS3300rm2u UPSPowerstar Inc. Shipboard UPS Since 1993

Powerstar PS3300rm2u is a 3kva true online UPS that supports a full 2700Watt load. This is a large increase from previous models. This unit available in both 2RU x 23.7″deep or get a 3RU x24″deep with a built in Isolation transformer PS3300rm3u-Iso. International models @230V also available


New and improved with a better Power Factor .99

Double Conversion true online type 3KVA UPS now can support up to a 2700Watt load- up from 2100W

Dimensions 3.4″H x16.9″W x23.7″D 85 x 430 x 603mm

Shipboard ready- Can be wired for Delta power or conventional power- MIL1399 compliant

Uses Dual pole circuit breaker for Delta power on your ship

We can ruggedize this unit to meet many MIL specs – 810g or 901d-B

Need MIL901D-Grade A? See our 3u stainless steel cased version of this unit.

True online allows generators to vary in frequency and not affect your load

Smart UPS tests itself and batteries periodically –alarms to advise it’s time to replace the cells

Auto restart after a full run upon utility restoration

Cold Start capable- it will become an AC power source if you need it.

Hot swappable batteries – Battery door behind front panel. Replace the batteries without disturbing the load.

Output Power Capacity 2700 Watts @.9 power factor / 3000 VA

Nominal Output Voltage 110v, 115v, 120V (std.), 127V adjustable via software ± 3%

Output Voltage Distortion Less than 3% THD at full linear load; <5% into non linear load /C factor 3:1

Output Frequency (sync to mains) or select a frequency via software- Waveform Type Sine wave

Mounting rails included for rack mounting- Multilink configuration and monitor software included

Built in Dynamic Bypass switches input directly to output if an overload or UPS failure should occur- (sync to mains mode only)

Emergency Power OFF contacts are located on rear of unit. Short the contacts with a switch and the UPS output is disabled

Output Connections (standard)

(6) NEMA 5-20R & (1) L5-30R or Military Spec optional

Output Overload 200% capacity for 2 seconds

Output Overload 150% capacity for 50 seconds


Nominal Input Voltage 120V (230VAC i model available)

Input Frequency 40/70 Hz

Input Cord 10 ft. NEMA L5-30P or Military Spec

Input voltage range for main operations 77 – 140V (30% load)

Input voltage range for mains operation 90 – 140V (+90% load)

Transfer Time 0 ms- Inverter is always online

Batteries & Runtime

AGM Battery Type Maintenance-free sealed Lead-Acid battery with suspended electrolyte: leakproof

Typical recharge time 3 hours to 90% after full run

Replacement Battery PSRBC3303 (high temperature long life batteries available for this unit-PSrbc3303H)

Typical Backup Time at Full Load 4.0 minutes (2700 Watts)

Typical Backup Time at Half Load 10.5 minutes (1350 Watts)

Typical Backup Time at 800 Watts= 25 minutes

Runtime with 1 additional 2u battery Cabinet 23.7″deep (84 lb) PS3303rm2uBP

Typical Backup Time at Full Load 18 minutes (2700 Watts)

Typical Backup Time at Half Load 52 minutes (1350 Watts)

Typical Backup Time at 800 Watts=102 minutes

Typical Backup Time =30 minutes @1875 Watts

Runtime with 2 additional 2u battery Cabinets 23.7″deep (84 lb) PS3303rm2uBP

Typical Backup Time at Full Load 44 minutes (2700 Watts)

Typical Backup Time at Half Load 97 minutes (1350 Watts)

Up to 4 additional 2u battery cabinets may be daisy chained to main unit.

* PS3303rm2uBP uses circuit breaker for safety – not a fuse.

Battery Upgrades: All Powerstar units may be upgraded with either High temperature rated batteries or Premium Long Life High temperature rated batteries.

Long life rated 8-10 year @25°C

-15 to +50 °C charge rated and -20 to +60 °C discharge rating- order 2 sets PSRBC3303H for cabinet

Interface Port(s)

USB and 8 pin terminal block (no DB9) standard and available SmartSlot for optional SNMP Ethernet Network card (PS9059)- Use Multilink software (supplied) or SNMP software to communicate with UPS and capture alarms with USB or Ethernet.

8 pin terminal block – Any mode Shutdown (immediate) and Battery Mode Shutdown (2 minute) inputs.

Also Battery Mode indicator and Low Battery indicator dry contacts (30ma max.).

The purpose of Any Mode Shutdown is to shut down the UPS output by turning off the rectifier, inverter and bypass so that there is no power to the loads. Any Mode Shutdown can be operated locally and remotely, as described as follows:

• Any Mode Shutdown can be performed by shorting Pin1 and Pin2 with external switch (not supplied)

• Battery mode Shutdown can be performed by shorting Pin3 and Pin4 with external switch (not supplied). A battery shutdown signal will not cause an immediate shutdown. It will start a 2 minute shutdown timer. This timer cannot be stopped once triggered. If utility power returns during this countdown, the Liebert GXT3 will still shut down and must remain shut down for 10 seconds. Whether the UPS turns back on when the power is restored depends on the auto-restart setting.

Control panel

LED status display with 5 load indicators and 5 battery bar-charge level indicators

Also On Line LED: On Battery: Replace Battery: Bypass enabled and Overload Indicator LEDs

Audible Alarm -Alarm when on battery: distinctive low battery alarm: on bypass


The PS3300 has surge protection and filters that protect the connected load from power surges,

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI). These features can minimize any surges or interference present in the utility power. The filters also prevent surges or interference generated by the UPS from adversely affecting devices connected on the same branch. Surge immunity IEC 62040-2 2nd Ed.

Input Protection

The UPS has built-in protection against undervoltage, overcurrent, and overvoltage conditions including low-energy lightning surges, introduced on the primary AC source. The 120 and 208 VAC models can sustain input surges without damage per criteria listed in ANSI C62.41 Cat A Lev3. The 230 VAC UPS can sustain input surges without damage per criteria listed in EN61000-4-5.


Maximum Height 3.4 inches (133 mm)

Maximum Width 16.9 inches (483 mm) for 19″ rack mounting

Maximum Depth 23.7 inches (603 mm)

Rack Height 2U

Net Weight 72.00 lbs. (33 kg) Shipping Weight 90.00 lbs. (41 kg)

Shipping Height 10.6 inches (270 mm) 24.00 inches (610 mm) Depth 30 inches (762 mm)

UPS Color Black

Operating Environment

32 – 104 °F (0 – 40 °C) (battery dependant) Increase this range to -20 +60 °C with Powerstar Premium battery

Operating Relative Humidity 0 – 95% non condensing (add conformal coating optional)

Operating Elevation 0-10000 feet (0-3000 meters)

Storage Temperature 5 – 113 °F (-15 – 45 °C)

Storage Relative Humidity 0 – 95%

Storage Elevation 0-50000 feet (0-15000 meters)

Audible noise at 1 meter from front surface of unit <43 dBA , rear <46 dBA

Online Thermal Dissipation-375 BTU /h

Standards Mother board manufactured in ISO 9001:2008 facility.

120VAC models UL Standard 1778, u-UL CSA 22.2, No. 107.1 ANSI C62.41 Cat A Level 3 IEC 61000-3-2 EN 62040-2 EN61000-4-2 EN61000-4-3EN61000-4-4 EN61000-4-5 EN61000-4-6 FCC Part 15, Class A ISTA Procedure 1A RoHs Compliant

230 Volt Units (PS3300rm2ui)

EN 62040-1:2008 CE compliance mark EN50091-1-1 EN50091-2, Class B EN50082-1 EN 62040-2 EN61000-4-2 EN61000-4-3 EN61000-4-4 EN61000-4-5 EN61000-4-6 EN61000-3-2 ISTA Procedure 1A RoHs Compliant WEEE Compliant

Designed to be compliant with Mil Std 1399-300A and can be built to meet 810F shock and temperature specifications. Also can be built to Mil 901D grade B. We also have Military 901D grade A units available. Contact us.2 year warranty on parts and Labor

Powerstar also sells Isolation transformers, either bare or enclosed with breaker and outlet. +1-301-948-0713 / West Coast +1-925-270-0970

Powerstar Inc. Gaithersburg, MD 20877 USA +1301-948-0713  powerstar1

West Coast & International +1925-270-0970 Tim.Carr