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Shipboard UPS 1.55KVA MIL-S-901D-A PS6000isoA

Shipboard UPS 1.55KVA MIL-S-901D-A PS6000isoA

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The Navy standard  cage 0zap8   NSN numbered  GradeA and B 901,167  shipboard approved Barge Tested   -shipboard  power

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Powerstar UPS Shipboard UPS 1.55KVA MILThe Navy standard  cage 0zap8   NSN numbered  GradeA and B 901,167  shipboard approved Barge Tested   -shipboard  power

    • mil 1399,mil 167,nul 901 test by bae
    • shipboard power, shallow depth 3u 15 inch or 20 inch depth w/isotran shallow depth All of our ups use common components.  Al ms-31xx connector use a hot 60v, b ground delta   c neutral 60v= 120volts
    • ms3102 input  and output optional mil 901-167
    • nsn option- detached 2kva, runs cool,isoltion transformer equals 15 inch depth and 2kva iso-transformer elsewhere
    • maintenance manual bypass optional- manual bypass optional
    • PS6000-ISO-gradeA UPS 1.55 kva isolated ups   Tested   for  MIL 901, grade A and isotran built to  UL 2601  nsn numbered
    •  nsnc.html
    • Dimensions 19 x 5 1/4 x 20 inches depth or 15 inch depth  for cable adjustments  half piggyback, or full piggyback for wiring clearance
    • Very high MBTF and low MTTR 100000 + hours
    • Input voltage range 75v-154v  @120volts adjustable 47-63hz autosensing 50/60hz
    • 50-80  lbs   optional sizes and configurations  based upon isotran  nsn
    • Mil 901 and 167 Grade A  approved with no external fuses-all circuit breakers ms31xx mil standard takes over 120g shock up to 200g for mil 901,167
    • Stainless steel ups shell, single board mboard, tied down to pass the venerable barge test
    • Optional inrush current protector for ugly power and hi-inrush  stabilization i.e. 25 amp pdu to 15 amp ups
    • 1.55 kva rackmount 3U UPS with 1050 output wattage 2u option. mil 901,mil 167.
    • field-proven  galvanic input isolation transformer 2kva which meets UL2601-1 4000v hi-pot test @35microamp leakage runs cool
    • intelligent snmp 100BT ethernet , web enabled, fiber optic, and digital i/o interfaces and EPO off/on , will attach to PDU, wireless net, etc

Powerchute  compatible

  • mil connectors ms3102,msxxxx,twistlock, 5-15  locking 5-15 optional and custom
  • 120-200 G shock mil ms39019 approved single toggle double pole  circuit breakers guarded, either  front or back
  • up to 12 year battery life and 140F or 60d c temperature rating optional-premium batteries
  • Optional  rack mounting  kit such as Jonathan, standard Powerstar, or  designed stainless steel
  • toggle switch for master on/off and battle override to keep batteries  running in critical situations
  • hardware and software runs Powerchute +™ shutdown software plus optional software for all operating systems-option also remote shutoff AP9830
  • Welded stainless steel construction weight with iso is 81 lbs
  • Front exit batteries for shipboard racks hotswappable without removal from rack.
  • optional  DC output, EMI/RFI harmonics filters to meet mil 461
  • Modular removable front panel, rack ears, batteries, backpanels, epo,remote power off, serial up to 3 serial ports
  • software PDU, hi-reliability MTBF, and a two  year warranty. We also turn around warranty in under 2 weeks
  • This unit has passed the rugged mil 901 and 167 Grade A standalone requirements of the US government. Most UPS run tests in systems only.
  • inverter always on, pure sinewave output. 1050 watts maximum on single outlet or multiple up to 8 outlets
  •  Grade A floor-mount available ps1504 tower
  • Capabilities: 1.5 kVA UPS,1050watts ,17 amp delta breaker ,2kva  ISOLATION TRANSFORMER,  1-8 outlets output can be 208v or 240 v  also
  • Auto-sense frequency with 47-63hz operation to deploy OCONUS  shipboard
  • Intelligent microprocessor UPS, builtin front hot selftest, individual battery test, snmp 100 based T, 3 serial ports, relay I/O, firmware update and  reset. Volt meter, battery load, ups load, etc.
  • Dual pole delta power  hi-shock 200g mil spec  circuit breaker with adjustable input and output voltage adjusts to your ship
  • Cannon, twist lock, L-15, ms 31xx,ms34xx, hardwired terminal block, input and output optional .
  • Transformer and battery module built in to the the unit size of 5 1/4 x 21 x19 inches or 20 inches with reset outlets   Battery replacement 600-1002 @ $259 . Look at battery prices and you will find this very competitive
  • Intelligent ruggedized packaging , for extra cable runs, steel construction, light weight
  • UPS shutdown software available for UNIX, HP, SUN, SCO,NT, Novell, Web enabled, snmp, win 2000,HPUX, WIN ME, SGI, Oracle, Linux, VXworks,Solaris 2.8
  • Slide holes made for most major rack slides, but customs available. Rack kit included no cost for jonathon QD45 or Hardigg cases
  • Batteries removable from front hot swappable 4 x 8 amph 12 volt  option for 10 year battery.  Batteries can operate up to 176 degrees F optional
  • Builtin 47-63hz autosensing   operation, optionally 208/ 240/120 volt  conversion or DC 28v
  • Front or back breaker location with safety guard
  • 17 LED display to give intelligent operations with intelligent cpu inside,  voltmeter,  firmware upgradeable via RS232 port
  • eight-twenty ft power cord optional eight foot serial cable included Y cable option for multiple system shutdown
  • Full battery recharge around 3 hours Battery runtime chart
  • cage 0zap8, APL ,NSN, available through Navicp program GSA, 8a, GSA Fast ,NIH ECS III go to distribution
  • Need an enclosure Powerstar now has mil 901,167 Grade A enclosures
  • Need it modified –we enjoy the change
  • Benefits: Shipboard you can field replace the batteries, and circuit breakers are resettable whereas some competitors use breakable  fuses.
  • Have you ever lost a fuse in the middle of the ocean
  • 48vdc output option
  • nsn option- detached transformer equals 15 inch depth and iso-transformer elsewhere
  • Pricing that will dramatically reduce the cost of your project, or increase your profit