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PS6000rm1u ups 1000W Shipboard UPS

PS6000rm1u ups 1000W Shipboard UPS

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Electrically SAFE for Delta Power.  Keep your sailors safe from shock, use a shipboard UPS at sea.

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Powerstar Inc. since 1993Powerstar PS6000rm1u ups CAGE 0ZAP8  

PS6000rm1u  UPS 1U shipboard version

Download a PDF brochure  here.

Electrically SAFE for Delta Power.  Keep your sailors safe from shock, use a shipboard UPS at sea. 

New 1.75” tall package with 1000w true sine output

Use on Navy, Oil Spars, deep water drilling platforms, Cruise ships, Tugs, Yachts any ocean-going vessel       1.75”x17”x26”Deep

Ruggedization available if used in shock /vibration locations                               

Built using the latest APC SMT Electronics, This version has a 2 line alphanumeric text readout for UPS Status and Alarms

Mounting rail kit is included for 4 post 19” racks.


> Output Power Capacity 1000Watts/1440 VA

> Nominal Output Voltage 120Vi model 230V Euro voltage Model Available PS6000irm1u

> Euro output is selectable from 220V, 230V or 240V.

> Output Voltage Distortion < Less than 5% at full load

> Output Frequency (sync to mains) 47 – 53 Hz for 50 Hz nominal, 57 – 63 Hz for 60 Hz nominal

> Crest Factor up to 5: 1

> Full Sine wave waveform

> Line Interactive style UPS switches to Inverter in 2-4ms (that is less than ¼ of a cycle)

> This unit performs automatic bi weekly tests on its inverter and does a battery load test to find bad batteries before they fail on you. Status display will predict battery life from external conditions.

> Output Connections (4) 5-15R 120V models;  PS6000irm1u  (4) IEC 320 C13

> Optional, up to 4 circular Military Spec MS3102 style connectors.

> Variable speed fan is very quiet


> Input Voltage 120V 8 ft. NEMA 5-15p cord  PS6000irm1u 230v  Euro models- 2.44M C14 cord

> Input Frequency 50/60 Hz +/- 3 Hz (auto sensing)

> Input voltage range for main operations 82 – 144V (US model); Input voltage adjustable range for mains operation 75 – 154V.        Euro 230V input range for ACMAINS 160-286V

Batteries & Runtime

> Battery Type VRLA AGM 3-5 year life expectancy.  Maintenance-free sealed Lead-Acid battery with suspended electrolyte: leak proof in any position

> Typical recharge time 3 hour(s)

> Typical Backup Time at Half Load 16.5 minutes (500 W)

> Typical Backup Time at Full Load 4.8 minutes (1000W)

> 30 minutes backup @325W load

>117 minutes backup @100W load


Efficiency  this is now an Energy Star® rated UPS.

Efficiency at Full Load >98%

>95%@ 25% load


Communications & Management  Interface Port(s)

  • RS-232 via S20 /RJ50x- adapt to DB9 with supplied dongle using Microlink© protocol
  • USB serial port, (used for configuration and connection to a PC)

Single SmartSlot™ Interface -accepts optional:

PS9630 SNMP Network card or

PS9631 Environmental monitor SNMP or

PS9620 DB9 card or

PS9613 dry contact card also available

PS9630/PS9631 Network card. Either model can use:


o RJ-45 10/100 Base-T

o Radius Authentication

PS9631 includes a AP9335T  temperature probe. Add accessories for PS9631:

> AP9335TH remote PROBE for temperature and humidity reporting is optional

PS9810 dry contact closures dongle to remotely manipulate customer supplied relays. Customizable input contacts to monitor external devices with the PS9810 adapter. It can report back about remote devices changing conditions (PS9810 requires PS9631 card)

O  Serial Communications: Talk to the UPS with Powerchute™ software-supplied either via USB, or RS232.

 > standard USB-Windows XP™ and above includes native drivers for this UPS. Connect a PC with Windows XP™ or above to USB and Windows will configure itself to work with the UPS for graceful shutdown capability. > > Serial RJ50X/ S20 port is provided along with a DB9 dongle for communications via ASCII RS232 protocol.  Please note: this port will not provide the same information as the previous version DB9 port. New APC software is required for communication via this port and is supplied.  This port can be used with new Powerchute™ software and a computer that has only DB9 RS-232 data ports for shutdown and monitoring. Previous version “Dumb-signaling” is not available with this new port.

O optional PS9620 SUA-style Serial Port Card.  IF you must have the previous version DB9 “Dumb” signaling and or use the previous version Powerchute© software, or have hand written software for the previous generation UPS, this card will give you these functions.  “Dumb signaling” gives a simple closure signal on the DB9 when the UPS switches to BATTERY and another line pulls to ground when LOW BATTERY is reached. NOTE: If you need both dumb signaling and SNMP, use PS9631/PS9810 combination.

optional  PS9613 Dry contact card UPS status information is presented through 6 fully isolated output relays. This is expandable to 8 using universal input/output ports and optional Dry Contact I/O Accessory (PS9810). Also are 4 opto-isolated input contacts for UPS control (i.e.  shutdown, startup, self-test).  Internally protected screw terminal connections for your wiring. Program this card through its USB port and with DIP switches

Front Control panel has:

NEW! 2 line Alphanumeric readout display showing unit Status, Load, Voltage, Alarms, & Configuration. New UP, DOWN, ENTER and ESCAPE scroll buttons to cycle through readouts. Programming options  like delayed restart to reduce generator load from inrush at startup, can be completed to the UPS  through this front panel also.

> 4 LED status lamps display Output On Line, On Battery, Replace Battery, and Fault Indicators

> Audible Alarm BEEP when on battery: distinctive low battery alarm: configurable delays, press any key to mute

Surge Protection and Filtering

> Surge energy rating 540Joules, Filtering:  Full time multi-pole noise filtering: 0.3% IEEE surge let-through: zero clamping response time: meets UL 1449



> Maximum Height 44.00 mm

> Maximum Width 432.00 mm

> Maximum depth 665.00 mm

> Rack Height 1U

> Net Weight 24.1 KG

> Shipping Weight 29.5 KG

> Shipping Height 200 mm

> Shipping Depth 794 mm

> Shipping Width 594 mm

> 10 units per pallet

Steel Rail kit for 4 post 19” rack is included with mounting hardware


> Operating Environment 0°+40°C with standard batteries;

> Operating Relative Humidity 0 – 95%

> Operating Elevation 0-3000 meters

> Storage Temperature -15 – 45 °C

> Storage Relative Humidity 0 – 95%

> Storage Elevation 0-15000 meters

> Audible noise at 1 meter from surface of unit 46 dBA

> Online Thermal Dissipation 116 BTU/hr

Powerstar Incorporated

Gaithersburg, MD




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PS6000rm2u 1000W rack mount  is available with similar capabilities.  3.5” tall x 18” deep.

Powerstar specializes in Rugged, low cost shipboard and terrestrial UPS.