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PS6000-1 15 inch depth

PS6000-1 15 inch depth

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Powerstar UPS PS6000-1 15 inch depth

PS6000-1 15 depth.1.5kva 1050 watt UPS with shipboard delta  Navy standard  cage code 0zap8,nsn no

  • Features: Field shipboard proven, mil 1399 compatible,, reliable, modular design, mil tested, shock mounted ,NSN listed
  • Compatible 19×3,75 x 15 with the Navy standard ups used by ELECTRI BOAT,GBS, Minesweeper MCM, Virginia class subs, GPS, ArmyCECOM
  •  1500VA UPS 1050watts input and output power,
  •   English language display
  • – Weight 59 lbs.  tested and mil 901 approved standalone, WITH 6 MIL CONNECTORS,  no Isolation Transformer or add an isotran OPTIONAL at extra cost
  •  Input and output CORCOM EMI/RFI filtering for mil 461 compatible optional
  •  Shipboard and/or global GLUPS™ Mil 1399 delta  Power, military ruggedized stainless steel chassis (stainless 304) optional
  •  Mil 5015 MS3102 threaded connectors or 4ea. 5-15 standard outlets ( option to 6ea. 5-15 outlets)
  •  New- Now it comes standard with a stainless steel chassis and option to add Isolation transformer later- made in USA stainless steel chassis or  order the PS1503 as a floormount unit (Bulkhead mounting) optional
  • – add Modular design deliverable with/without ISO, dual pole (mil 1399) compatible delta power, modular backplates
  • – Intelligent UPS, built-in self test, individual battery test, hot start, relay self test, online voltage adjustments on/the/fly™
  • – add  Front or rear mounted Dual pole circuit breaker, on/off reset for shipboard, emergency power off /power on™
  • –  add 1/2 inch for mil ms3102 connectors
  • – add Intelligent ruggedized packaging, metal battery tie-down, wire tieback, shock mounted motherboard, color coded wire  optional
  • – Coated heat resistant, shock resistant connectors added  optional
  • – UPS shutdown software available for UNIX, HP, SUN, SCO, Novell , NT, Apache Web, called Powerchute + either ethernet or dry contact  included
  • – 96% efficiency at full load
  •   Ruggedized motherboard, single board construction
  • – Maximum current 17.5 amps double pole toggle hi-shock input breaker, and output breakers mounted on front or rear optional
  • -add 100 based T Ethernet or fiber interface  9630 card 100based t or 9631 thermal
  • – RS232 communication built in, optional Expansion bus in module for 3 RS232 (three computers), optional
  • – Front Panel bolted down for safety, FAA CFR 49 approved for shipping(non-hazardous), sealed maintenance free batteries
  •  optional 140degree/10 year life F hi-temp 10 year battery life batteries
  • – quick release front panel battery removal, online test from front panel
  • – Powerful MOV surge and spike firewall protection, isolates racks from spikes up to 400 joules- UL 1778
  • – Voltage range from 137 volts to 85 volts 47-63 HZ.  for global usage, without going to battery with sensitivity settings
  • – Battery disconnect from back for shipping and emergencies without opening case (extends storage life of batteries)
  • – Extensive self maintenance manual, and user manual included
  • – Software provided Powerchute + free
  • – Two year limited warranty
  • – Spares stocked by NAVICP
  • Thermal dissipation on line fully charged 40w/ 135 BTU Charging 70 watts / 240 BTU
  • cage code 0zap8  Thousands installed
  •  nsn number 6130-01-508-5950
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