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PS502-550/650/750va with optional metal case and batteries

PS502-550/650/750va with optional metal case and batteries

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Small lightweight economical 120Vac UPS’ come in 3 power ratings- 550VA, 650VA, 750VA wsith up to 7 surge suppressed outlets.

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Powerstar UPS PS502-550g

Use a UPS built for Shipboard use when used at Sea! Powerstar  3 models available. PS502-550g, PS502-650g1, PS502-850 Shipboard UPS with the worlds lowest cost 120VAC single phase delta power UPS battery backup. Normally acts as a power strip / spike  & surge suppressor  but also will back up power and run your PC or other systems until the generator is restored. UPS-delta power (protects hot and neutral) shipboard protection at an affordable price. Powerstar Premium extended temperature range -20 to +50°C  battery with 8-10 year life is optional. USB cable included. These units are all brick shaped units with batteries easily removed without tools. Solid high impact case. All are RoHS and UL1778 compliant. Energy STAR compliant. All versions have 230V models available.


PS502-650g Four surge suppressed  & 4 UPS backed  outlets  standard. USB for monitor software  is included. 650VA  390W power capacity. Low price and fast delivery. Unit does a Bi-Weekly self test and has an audible alarm (Beep) .  Also can surge protect RJ45 and F terminal coax cabling.

  • Field shipboard proven, reliable, small modular design,delta power for shipboard dual breaker for shipboard usage
  • 120v input VAC with overload resettable double pole toggle, circuit breaker on UPS and surge outputs
  • Unit size of basic unit 7.1 x 3.5 x 11.9 inches  88x180x302mm.Intelligent ruggedized packaging,
  • 47-63hz
  • Stepped sinewave on output
  • transfer time  to backup power <10ms.
  • Runtimes for the PS502-650:
    • 3.3 minutes @ 390W
    • 6 minutes @ 300W
    • 11.5 minutes @ 200W
    • 30 minutes @ 97W
    • 82 minutes @ 40W
  • California (CEC) Battery Charger, CSA C22.2 No. 107.1, ENERGY STAR (USA), FCC Part 15 Class B, FCC Part 68, NOM, TUV-C, UL 1778
  • meets US Navy shipboard requirements
  • 340 Joules surge rating
  • Full time multi-pole noise filtering : 5% IEEE surge let-through : zero clamping response time : meets UL 1449
  • emissions FCC part-15,subpart b, class b
  • 13.7 Lb, 16 Lb Shipping weight.
  • 6.2kg , 7kg shipping weight
  • Made in USA
  • Audible Alarm for ON BATT, and Distinctive tone for LOW BATT mode
  • operating temp range 0-40°C or…
  • With optional Premium batteries -20°C to +50°C (+60° acceptable during  short discharge periods)
  • 12v 8Ahr battery for long battery backup with MTTR of 2 minutes without tools
  • USB interface  communication to computer through remote on/off Windows will recognize and self configure to use a UPS when connected.
  • Intelligent UPS, built-in self test of cell
  • Single motherboard and connectors NEMA 5-15r
  • 99% efficiency at full load
  • Two year warranty From Powerstar
  • FAA CFR 49 approved for shipping(non-hazardous),
  • Powerful MOV surge and spike firewall protection isolates spikes
  • LED status display with On Line : On Battery : Replace Battery
  • — Black hardened polymer shell will withstand scratches abuse and fire
  • — Extensive self maintenance manual, and user manual included
  • — Powerstar Express service 800 number phone support
  • Why buy a surge suppressor when you can get a UPS?
  • Powerchute popular shutdown software and USB cable come standard


PS502-550g NSN# 6150016193931This UPS specially built for Shipboard Delta power applications, has a total of 8ea. NEMA 5-15 outlets; 4 surge suppression only & 4 more outlets with surge suppression & UPS back up. This UPS can supply 330 watts /550VA of stepped sine wave 60Hz output power. The PS502-550g comes with a 84VAhr battery pack unit.It will run 3.2 minutes @ full load (330 watts). Transfer time <10ms. It protects your equipment with a surge energy rating of 340 Joules & full time multi-pole noise filtering: 5% IEEE surge let-through and zero clamping response. It meets UL1449. It also contains Telco connector feed through to protect a data line or phone line from surges. Operating range is, 0 to 40°C with our standard battery The PS502-550g weight is 12.1 lb (5.5kg). The UPS size is 2.55″(65mm)x 4.15″(105mm)x 5.95″(151mm).

  • Std. Batteries charge rated to 104°F and 3-5 year life @77°F. . Battery replaceable without tools. No premium upgrade option for this unit.
  • Runtimes for PS502-550g:
    • 3.2 minutes @ 330W
    • 6.3 minutes @ 250W
    • 9.6 minutes  @ 200W
    • 30 minutes @ 95W
    • 112 minutes @33W
  • LED and audible alarms on front panel. Automatic battery self-test bi-weekly.
  • Connects to a PC via USB to notify PC it is on backup power. Software included. Windows will begin shutdown procedure when battery is close to exhaustion. Works with MAC OSX also.
  • 5 foot power cord with 3 prong NEMA 5-15p Noise & spike dampening on the input line protects all outlets.
  • Surge rating 340 Joules Dual pole input circuit breaker for Delta power ships or commercial land base use where the Neutral is not grounded.
  • Rugged impact resistant housing
  • RoHS Compliance FCC part 15 Class B, Part 68, TUV,UL1778 2 year warranty included.
  • Normal shipping in <30 days

Also PS502-550MC  as above with Metal enclosure and 5 output NEMA 5-15r.  As used by NUWC. This eliminates the plastic housing and converts to an aluminum housing. Same power capabilities and performance. As with other units, a 8-10 year long life Premium battery is available.

Also PS502-550XeM is available. It uses the same APC electronics but is placed in a metal cabinet and includes a Very long life (12 year) extreme temperature extra large battery cell.   Read about it here.   This unit has -40 to +50°C range and the battery has more than double the runtime and 2x to 3x the life of a std cell. This can be built for use in outdoor enclosures e.g. Power pole, or rooftop mountings for observation cameras or low power RF transmitters.  Protect your electronics and give it back up power at the same time with this rugged unit.  Can be built to Shipboard specs as a power supply for monitor cameras used on Off-Shore Platforms.  Since it has such a wide temperature range & long life, placement in a hot engine room is acceptable.

NEW! PS502-850 replaces PS502-750 Shipboard UPS 850VA 450W NSN # 6130015468885 CAGE 0zap8  NSN 6130016435020

PS502-850 Shipboard UPS 120VAC 450W capacity designed for Delta power shipboard use at an affordable price. NSN registered and in wide use across US Navy ships. A USB cable is provided and will connect to your PC. Newer Windows based PCs (XP and newer) already come loaded with drivers for this UPS so installation is really plug and play. We also have a Premium high-temp battery available (-20 to +50°C) with an 8-10 year life.  PS502-850h  (H series cell)

NEW! Includes 2 USB charging ports.  Plug your USB cable and recharge your tablet, etc.

The PS502-850 has an environmentally sensitive tough polymer case. The PS502-850 also includes transient surge suppressors built in to protect your loads. PS502-850 has 9 outlets. 6 of them are battery backed UPS. The other 3 are surge suppressed.

Optional Premium Long Life (up to 10 years @ 25°C), extended temperature range (-20° to+50°C) battery and you will have a nice long life on that shipboard PC or computer or any electronic gear. You can order as PS502-850h for the Premium battery option. We deliver in less than 30 days from our East coast factory.

  • Field shipboard proven, reliable, small modular design, delta power for shipboard use, dual breaker for shipboard usage.
  • 120v input VAC with overload resettable double pole toggle circuit breaker on both UPS and Surge protected outlets;
  • PS502-850 runtimes (tested at 25°C) :
    • 2.9 minutes @ 450W (full load)
    • 7.0 minutes @ 300W
    • 14 minutes @ 200W
    • 30 minutes @ 119W
    • 101 minutes @ 45W
  • Input range of 88-139V to stay on AC MAINS
  • Dimensions 5.43″ h x 4.13″w x 12.9″d – Weight=9.1Lb. – Shipping weight=13Lb.
  • 80 per pallet
  • 5 ft. power cord (1.83m) NEMA 5-15p 47-63hz
  • UL approved FCC Part 15 Class B, FCC Part 68, NOM, UL 1778
  • Stepped sine wave on output while in battery mode
  • European 230V model available  PS502-850i

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