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PS3300LCS MILStd 1399,901,167 3KVA UPS,2700 w

PS3300LCS MILStd 1399,901,167 3KVA UPS,2700 w

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Now releasing the PS3300LCS-rev6 Using Liebert GXT4-3000 electronics with improved text readout multi-line metering panel in full color.

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Powerstar UPS PS3300LCS MILStdPS3300LCS New and Improved and the best!! Now releasing the PS3300LCS-rev6 Using Liebert GXT4-3000 electronics with improved text readout multi-line metering panel in full color.  The new metering / alarm panel uses text display to tell the Voltage and Current loading as well as write it out in Text what Alarm may be happening.  No need to interpret the Red lamp.

Developed and riding on the new Littoral Combat Ships but it really is a LOW COST SOLUTION.

120Vac model or a 240VAC model, NOW rated @ 2700watts output dual-conversion true online design so your load never sees a flicker. This rack mount unit sports front-back air flow with 4 high capacity fans inside. EMI screens and gaskets all the way around seal it up. Delta wired for shipboard or shore. Completely Ruggedized with shock and vibe and electrical tests completed*. Internal toroid input Isolation transformer too. NSN listed and made in USA. All enclosed in a 304G gleaming stainless steel enclosure 23.46″ x  3u tall. x17″ wide

Designed for ships, but can solve any problem where a real solid unit is needed. It is constructed from 16 gauge 304 stainless steel with fully welded and ground corners made by American Craftsmen. It glistens. All cover screws are countersunk flush. This Smart unit monitors temperature to make sure it’s not overcharging the batteries. It monitors the discharge cycle as well, to maximize battery life. The full unit is automatically cycle tested every 2 weeks just to ensure it’s ready to do its job when you need it. A full LED front panel shows you the unit status, Line voltages, etc and this is mounted behind a hinged RFI/EMI window.

Batteries are replaceable through a gasket sealed door in the front panel. Add up to 4 additional 2u battery trays for LONG runtimes and hi-temp +60°C. A built-in Automatic /manual bypass circuit is also standard. If the inverter fails, it is bypassed automatically to keep your load energized. 5.1″x 17″x 25″D and plenty of output connectors in the format you want, this unit has solved many power issues.

We have many options for this unit like Auto Voltage Detection (AVD) to be able to be powered from any location in the world (100-250Vac). Ethernet SNMP alarm reporting and control is available.

Powerstar has an engineering staff waiting to help you with your special needs. Contact them for “no hassle” help with your power requirements. East and West coast engineers are available. We have other units that have passed stand alone Mil testing. We specialize in ruggedized UPS for Naval and Land use. We have been building UPS for the military services since 1993. Find a sales engineer or contact Powerstar at 855-252-5253 MD or Tim @ +1925-997-0970

Runtime chart 800W|1000W|1200W|1600W|1800W|2000W|2500W|2700W

PS3300LCS|_____ 25|____ 20|___ 14 |____ 9 |____ 8 |____ 5 |____ 4 |___ 4

+1 2U BP |____ 102|____ 80 |___ 56 |___ 44 |___ 38 | ___26 |___ 22 |___ 18

+2 2U BP |____ 124|____ 114|__ 106|___ 74 | ___66 |___ 62 |___ 46 |___ 44

  • Pre tested Mil-S-901D Grade A, Class I, type A lightweight shock test and with the requirements of MIL-STD-167-1A already completed to save you $ (test results available)
  • (129x432x602mm) ~95lb. (43kg.) each piece
  • Stainless steel case Fully welded seams with Aluminum front panel- made in USA (painted if needed)
  • Up to 8 output receptacles, Military connectors or IEC if you like.
  • Add-on up to 4 2u tall x24″D battery trays .
  • 3000VA /2700 watts @.9 power factor- quite powerful for its size.
  • Input Power Factor Correcting no matter what PF your load draws.
  • Switchover time is 0. Its inverter is always powering your load.
  • Micro processor controlled Smart UPS cycle tests itself and its batteries every 2 weeks & tells you if it fails
  • Std. Batteries charge rated to 104°F and 3-5 year life @77°F. 8-10 year life & -20+122°F optional upgrade (discharge ratings to +140°F)
  • LED and audible alarms and monitor indicators on front panel
  • SNMP Ethernet connections if you like, monitor many UPS from a console.
  • Uses industry standard Liebert software for configuration, alarm reporting via DB9/SNMP
  • Normal shipping in 60 days
  • Noise and spike dampening on the input line. Surge rated 480 Joules
  • High G rated Dual pole input circuit breakers for Delta power ships -output breakers too
  • The LCS was built for Littoral Combat Ships but will work for you.
  • * note R2 unit was tested, R3 added Front to back airflow and GXT3, and R4 added increased efficiency allowing additional output power rating, R6 uses the GXT4 electronics and adds an Inrush limiter if needed to reduce initial surge when connectng to  ACMAINS.

All at a cost you can afford. Our competition offers similar units at twice the price. With a two year warranty as well, from Powerstar- an American manufacturer.

Powerstar Inc. Gaithersburg, MD 20877 USA +1301-948-0713 powerstar1@

West Coast & International +1925-270-0970 Tim.