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PS1504 New Shipboard 1.5KVA tower mil 167,901

PS1504 New Shipboard 1.5KVA tower mil 167,901

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Our PS1504 with our shipboard modifications, Stainless steel, louvered wrapper and Full ruggedization

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Powerstar UPS PS1504 New Shipboard 1.5KVA Our warhorse, the PS1503 and PS1503-H have been used in 1000’s of jobs. The replacement unit has arrived. Our PS1504 with our shipboard modifications, Stainless steel, louvered wrapper and Full ruggedization if you like is better than the previous gen. Ask for the PS1504H and you get a MIL-S-901D-gradeA and Mil-std-167 shock / vibration rated unit with Powerstar Premium batteries And it runs APC Powerchute© software for monitoring.

There are many variations of this shipboard model. The standard PS1500SMT uses a high impact styrene front panel and black painted metal cabinet.  It is a slightly different cabinet size than the old PS1503 (SUA1500) cabinet. For those that need an identical cabinet size to the PS1503 we offer the PS1504- The PS1504 uses a cabinet made by Powerstar in 304 grade Stainless steel (see picture) . This cabinet is Fit, Form, Function identical to the previous gen. PS1503/ PS1503SS.  Please see the PS9620 Legacy card if you are using the DB9 port with Hi/ Lo alarm signaling for complete compatibility.

The PS1504 offers a 2 line Alphanumeric text readout on an LCD display on the front panel. It offers the new Microlink protocol on its Serial communication ports (USB or RS232) which can pass more information to the Powerchute console. Same great automatic configuration with Windows XP, Vista, Win 7 and above. Just connect the USB and Windows installs its own drivers to use a UPS.

Please note LMCO uses a PS1503hmb which is the GradeA Rugged SMT version.  This is a modern SMT series unit, with the old model designator.

120V 985Watt 1500VA Shipboard UPS

230V European model available – PS1504itower

Next Generation UPS with higher efficiency and Green Mode*

LCD easy to understand written text readout

in many languages on front panel for status

Line Interactive type UPS wired for Delta power

Finger guard protected Dual pole circuit breaker -No fuses to try to find while at sea

+120G circuit breaker available as option

Auto Boost and Trim voltage trim without using Inverter (and when ACMAINS is in proper range the Trim circuit is bypassed to improve efficiency to Energy Star® ratings-Green Mode*)

Smart UPS tests itself and batteries periodically

Auto restart after a full run upon AC MAINS restoration

Cold Start capable- Use this as a portable AC power source

Field replaceable batteries (This UPS will pass AC power to the outputs without batteries installed)

Output Power Capacity 985 Watts / 1500 VA

PS1504 Nominal Output Voltage =120V; or PS1504i= 230V i MODEL

Output Voltage Distortion Less than 5% at full load – 98% efficient @ Full load

Crest Factor up to 5: 1 Waveform Type Full Sine wave

Transfer Time <2-4ms (less than ¼ of cycle). Most electrical equipment is designed to survive a 200ms hit. Your equipment will not notice this transfer.

Output Connections NOTE: We also can supply with Military style connectors.

(8) NEMA 5-15R

or MS31xx connectors -your choice

230V Euro PS1504i  MODEL

8) IEC 320 C13 or your choice


Nominal Input Voltage 120V; Input voltage range for main operations 82 – 144V

Input Frequency 50/60 Hz +/- 3 Hz (auto sensing)

Input Connections NEMA L5-15P Cord Length 6-15 feet (1.83 meters)

Euro i MODEL Input

Nominal Input Voltage 230V; Input voltage range for main operations 160 – 286V

IEC 320 C14- Cord supplied

Batteries & Runtime

Battery Type Maintenance-free sealed Lead-Acid battery with suspended electrolyte: leak proof VRLA AGM. The battery pack is removed through the front panel. Remove 2 screws to remove Front panel. Then remove the battery bar. The pack then slides out and a large 2 pin connector is unplugged.This can be performed with the UPS still powering its load while on ACMAINS. PowerStar Replacement Battery Cartridges are supplied with a new harness/ connector.  Powerstar offers 3 battery sets for the PS1504.

  • Standard PSrbc7 has a 0° to 40°C temp rating,  9 month shelf life without needing a refresh charge, and 5 year @25°C life rating. NSN #6140014814471
  • Premium PSrbc7h has -20° to 50°C temp rating, 9 month shelf life without needing a refresh charge, and a 10 year @25°C life rating.  NSN #6140015764249
  • eXtreme PSrbc7x has -40° to 60°C temp rating, 24 month shelf life without needing a refresh charge and 12+ year @25°C life rating.   NSN # 6140016280216

Typical recharge time 3 hour(s)

These typical runtimes were measured using the standard battery pack when new and fully charged.  The eXtreme pack will increase these runtimes by 10% to 25%.

  • Typical Backup Time at Full Load = 6.7 minutes (980 Watts)
  • Typical Backup Time at half Load -= 23 minutes (500 Watts)
  • Typical Backup Time at 425 Watts= 30 minutes
  • Typical Backup Time at 260W= 1 hour
  • Typical Backup Time at 180W= 90 minutes

Interface Port(s)

(1)USB serial control, (1) RS232 S20 port, (1) SmartSlot for installing option cards

Powerchute™ software is supplied for many operating systems

DB9 dongle is supplied for the S20 port (RJ50x connector)

Available SmartSlot™  is available for Option cards

PS9630 for optional SNMP Ethernet Network card; Telnet, TCP/IP, HTTP, SNMP etc are supported.  This can be used to shut down Computers  on LOSS OF MAINS as well via Network commands

PS9631 is the All in One card:  SNMP Network as above.  + Temperature /humidity environmental monitor card . + multi I/O dry contact signalling card. (simple switching) Inputs to shutdown UPS (e.g. Fire Alarm) and Outputs to signal remote devices of ACMAINS  or LOW BATTERY or ALARM.

PS9620 Legacy Card  for using previous generation software with this unit. See notes further down this brochure for more complete description.

Windows ™XP and above will recognize this UPS when they are attached with USB. Windows™ PC will configure itself with its own drivers for graceful shutdown and UPS operation. Software also provided for UNIX, Linux.

Note, this RS232 S20 port is a new generation port and is not fully compatible with previous generation software. (See PS9620 note)

Control panel

LCD Written Word status display (alphanumeric) with predictive battery failure, The LCD has a black background with Blue glowing letters.  Load and battery information  is shown Also the LCD can display the menus while programming the UPS.

The LCD can show:

• Operating mode

• Switched Outlet status, On or Off (these are normally disabled from our factory) NOTE:  The Switched outlet relays only open one side of the line so this is not intrinsically safe way to turn off output for service work. It can be used to reboot modems, however.

• Efficiency of the UPS

• Information about the load

• Battery capacity

• Estimated runtime

• Input and output voltage and frequency

• Information about the last transfer to battery power

• Self-test results

  • Current alarms

Test & Diags Use the Test & Diags menu to have the UPS perform a self test

If configured for Advanced Mode

Menu General Functions

Status View detailed information about the UPS:

• Energy meter

• Load current

• Status of the Switched Outlet Group

• Battery voltage

Test & Diags Perform a UPS alarm test or a runtime calibration test.

Log View the event log for information about any changes to

the UPS and any faults.

About View information about the unit:

• Hardware version

• Software version

• NMC information (if applicable)

LED indicators On Line: On Battery: Replace Battery: and Overload/ Fault Indicators

BEEP! Audible Alarm -Alarm when on battery: distinctive low battery alarm: configurable delays  These reminder beeps can be muted with a press of the Enter key on the front panel.


Surge energy rating 459 Joules

Filtering- Full time multi-pole noise filtering: 0.3% IEEE surge let-through: zero clamping response time: meets UL 1449

Dimensions (PS1504 or PS1504i Tower)

Maximum Height 8.62 inches (219 mm)

Maximum Width 6.73 inches (171 mm)

Maximum Depth 17.28 inches (439mm)

Net Weight 53lbs. (24kg)

Shipping Weight 59 lbs. (27.5 kg)

Shipping Height 15.00 inches

Shipping Width 13.00 inches

Shipping Depth 24 inches

Color- Gun Metal Black with stainless steel outer wrap for non- rugged version. The PS1504SS is all stainless steel and is only painted upon request.

Units per pallet=24

Operating Environment The temperature range is dependent on the battery you select.

32 – 104 °F (0 – 40 °C) (battery dependant) This can be -15°to +50°C with our Premium battery or -40 to +60° with the eXtreme pack

Operating Relative Humidity 0 – 95%

Operating Elevation 0-10000 feet (0-3000 meters)

Storage Temperature 5 – 113 °F (-15 – 45 °C) Standard shelf life is 9 months with std or Premium cells. (@ 25°C)

The eXtreme PSrbc7x pack allows storage period to 2 years@25°C without a refresh charge (plug the unit to ACMAINS power for a day)

Storage Relative Humidity 0 – 95%

Storage Elevation 0-50000 feet (0-15000 meters)

Audible noise at 1 meter from surface of unit 45.00 dBA

Online Thermal Dissipation-135 BTU /hr

2 year warranty on parts and Labor , 1 year on Batteries

RoHS 7b Exemption,REACH: Contains No SVHCs

cUL Listed,UL 1778

PS504iTower C-tick,CE,EN 50091-1,EN 50091-2,VDE

Mounting (option)

Powerstar builds mounting plates for hull or deck mounting. Padded steel plate with padded straps (hoops) wrap around UPS and hold it securely to the plate. The plate can be bolted or welded in place.

PS1504 Mounting foundation for the standard PS1504 with Styrene front panel.

PS1504SSA Mounting Foundation  For the Grade A unit with the Powerstar made cabinet. This also fits the previous generation PS1503SS

Option for PS1504 standard unit ;



  • SS Stainless steel louvered upper case. The standard non ruggedized PS1500 uses a rugged but styrene front panel and painted steel chassis.
  • Conformal Coating for the circuit board; additional protection from moisture, dust, dirt on the electronic circuitry.  Please call for pricing.
  • -Tilt Front control panel tilted upward.  This option tilts the front panel upward ~30° for improved visibility of the Text Readout.  Note: the  Orange and Red LED Warning lamps are visible at up to 160° without the tilted panel.  The Warning lamps will alert a tech (as will the Audible BEEP)  to read the Text readout to observe the Alarm Text.
  • -MB Master Bypass switch- connects the input power directly to outlets. This UPS can also be supplied with a MB Master Bypass switch. The MB switches the input power directly to the output ports. This bypasses the entire UPS in case of total unit failure. (The Circuit Breaker is still left in the circuit in bypass mode. ) The MB switch is a rotary knob with Green and Red lamp indicators showing switch position. $350+
  • -ISO An Input Isolation transformer can be added either remotely or attached to the top of this unit making it 6″ taller. 2KVA and field proven in our other product lines. This transformer can also be used on alternate input voltages to step-down input VAC.
  • Step down autoformers may be attached similar to -ISO. These do not provide isolation.
  • The SmartSlot can accept 1 of these cards:
  • PS9620 Legacy DB9 serial port fills the one available Smart Slot. The Legacy card emulates the previous generation DB9 Smart UPS port including the APC style ‘Dumb’ mode  Hi/LO signaling to show ‘Loss of MAINS’ and ‘Low Battery’ $60+
  • PS9630 SNMP Ethernet port- Monitor this unit via Ethernet and PowerChute® software. Shut down PC via Ethernet. $350+
  • PS9631 Ethernet & Temperature / Humidity* sensor.  Report the temperature of the room the UPS is located in and report it back to the console running
  • PowerChute®. This card also contains dry contacts for signaling outputs (Loss of MAINS, etc) and Inputs ie, Emergency shut down. $600+
  • PS9613 Dry Contact card. Inputs and Outputs. Shut down the UPS with an external contact closure low current low voltage. A source is available.  Also signal external devices of Loss of MAINS, Low Battery, Unit ALARM (electronics failure, battery did not pass test, etc)  This signaling is all performed with simple DC closures. <35Ma. $600+

Part number example PS1504SSAhMB-9620

SS stainless steel

A Mil-S-901D gradeA ruggedization in full SS cabinet and 120G+ Circuit breaker

h Premium battery set (10 year life)

MB Master Bypass switch installed

-9620 PS9620 Legacy card installed.

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West Coast & International +1925-270-0970 TCarr925