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PS1503/1504h-mb tower mil 901,167

PS1503/1504h-mb tower mil 901,167

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Powerstar UPS PS1503/1504h-mb towerand m/b maintenance bypass   Mil 901,167 tested/approved          for mil 901,mil 167

Compatible with the ps1501,ps1503, and ps1503-h-mb with all options over 4000 ups installed on ddg ships and lcs ships including the vaunted Boeing iou interface

Form /fit/ function compatible with the ps1503. mil901 and 167 compatible, Boeing  software rs232 compatible, Manual/maintenance bypass switch

Drawing and foundation drawings.

2 12volt 18 amphour batteries included-up to 10 year battery life optional

comparison of 1504 and 1503

XE-16 battery  2 year shelf life

Block_Diagrams_with_Bypass_1503.pdf optional

Works without batteries,the basic ps1504 with no options but a metal case basic*

1050 Watt output, 1550VA  Shipboard UPS   shipboard ups  mil 901,167 certified grade a (we will u send report)

Manual Maintenance bypass switch – to swap out batteries and maintenance   MB version optional

230V European model available – PS1504i tower with same mil connectors as the 1503–one mil in and 2 mil out

Next Generation UPS with higher efficiency and green mode   one mil in ms3106 and 2 mil out ms3102

works without batteries, Hot swap batteries with hi-temp c and long life 10-12 year life  two batteries 60 d Centigrade. X series compatible with 2 year shelf life,8-12 battery life optional

LCD easy to understand written text readout in English or foreign

in many languages on front panel for status in english or other languages

hitemp 60dc, long-life 10-12 years life optional 60 degrees c  H version, optional 2 year shelf life

200g mil standards require 120g,shock dual pole breaker 15 amp, toggle switch on/off

with optional ap9620 serial port supports Boeing iou interface or powerchiute usb powerchute shutdown software interface

Foundation for deck mounts from Powerstar from  Biw and hHi or Powerstar

UPS wired for Delta power shipboard power—shipboard ready

Dual pole circuit breaker -No fuses to try to find while at sea

200g circuit breaker available as option- same as the 1503  the sensata hi-g breaker for mil 901,167

Auto Boost and Trim voltage trim without using Inverter

Smart UPS tests itself and batteries periodically  running Powerchute software

Auto restart after a full run upon AC MAINS restoration

Cold Start capable- Use this as a portable AC power source

Field replaceable batteries  frint exit

Output Power Capacity 1050 Watts / 1500 VA

Nominal Output Voltage 120V; 230V i MODEL

Output Voltage Distortion Less than 5% at full load – 98% efficient @ Full load

Crest Factor up to 5: 1                     Full Sine wave

Transfer Time 2-4 ms  (less than ¼ of cycle) of most power supplies Most electrical equipment is designed to survive a 200ms hit.

Used on the Navy ships with louvered stainless steel with hot swap batteries- 1503 cover is stainless steel and with drip louvres

Batteries including out premium batteries that have a 10-12 year life and work at 60degree C

Manual maintenance bypass switch optional for certain clients

rs232 interface not compatible with 1503 software except powerchute

Intuitive LCD interface

Provides clear and accurate information in multiple languages with the ability to configure the UPS locally with easy to use navigation keys.

Predictive replace battery date

Dynamically provides the month and year when battery replacement is recommended to aide in long term maintenance planning.

Green mode

Patent-pending operating mode that bypasses unused electrical components in good power conditions to achieve very high operating efficiency without sacrificing any protection. with stainless steel case (louvers for drippage

Energy meter

Provides actual kilowatt hours of usage for energy conscious users.

Pure sine wave output on battery

Simulates utility power to provide the highest degree of compatibility for active PFC (power factor corrected) servers and sensitive electronics. mil 901,167

Single switched outlet group

Single outlet group that may be controlled separately from the UPS for discrete reboot of hung devices, sequenced on/off and non-critical load shedding. n/a on shipboard power

High online efficiency

Reduces utlility costs, generates less heat.


Customize UPS capabilities with management cards.

Cold-start capable

Provides temporary battery power when the utility power is out.

Temperature-compensated battery charging

Prolongs battery life by regulating the charge voltage according to battery temperature.

battery less operation if needed


Boost and Trim Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR)

Gives higher application availability by correcting low and high voltage conditions without using the battery (not available on all models).

Intelligent battery management

Maximizes battery performance, life, and reliability through intelligent, precision charging.

Power conditioning

Protects connected loads from surges, spikes, lightning, and other power disturbances.

Temperature-compensated battery charging

Prolongs battery life by regulating the charge voltage according to battery temperature.

Automatic restart of loads after UPS shutdown

Automatically starts up the connected equipment upon the return of utility power.

Automatic self-test

Periodic battery self-test ensures early detection of a battery that needs to be replaced.

Disconnected battery notification

Warns when a battery is not available to provide backup power.


Network manageable

Provides remote power management of the UPS over the network using powerchute or boeing aegia gedms support.

Audible alarms

Actively let you know if the unit is on battery, if the battery is low or if there is an overload condition.

LED status indicators

Quickly understand unit and power status with visual indicators.

Serial Connectivity

Provides management of the UPS via a serial port.via ap9620 for Boeing software

USB connectivity

Provides management of the UPS via a USB port (not available on all models).

Disconnected battery notification

Warns when a battery is not available to provide backup power.


User-replaceable batteries

Increases availability by allowing a trained user to perform upgrades and replacements of the batteries reducing Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) operates without batteries

Hot-swappable batteries

Ensures clean, uninterrupted power to protected equipment while batteries are being replaced

Predictive failure notification

Provides early-warning fault analysis ensuring proactive component replacement.

Resettable circuit breakers

Enables a quick recovery from overload events. including a dualpole 15a  shipboard, marine breaker, toggled

Battery failure notification

Provides early-warning fault analysis on batteries enabling timely preventive maintenance in English


Adjustable voltage-transfer points

Maximizes useful battery life by widening the input voltage window or tightening the output voltage regulation.

Adjustable voltage sensitivity

Provides the ability to adapt the UPS for optimal performance in specific power environments or generator applications. optional generator breaker the has a 25 second response when needed for generators


Safety-agency approved

Ensures the product has been tested and approved to work safely with the connected service provider equipment and within the specified environment. mil 901,167 approved  (supplied on request)

Product Distributi

FOUNDATIONS for 1503h-mb

Output Connections        mil or 5-15                NOTE:  We also can supply with Military style connectors.

(8) NEMA 5-15R mil connectors

2 mil 3102xxx   2yr warranty

Euro PS1503h-mb i MODEL

8) IEC 320 C13


Nominal Input Voltage 120V; Input voltage range for main operations 82 – 144V

Input Frequency 50/60 Hz +/- 3 Hz (auto sensing)

Input Connections NEMA L5-15P  Cord Length 6 feet (1.83 meters) mil connectors input and output or mil 3102xxx

Euro i MODEL  Input

Nominal Input Voltage 230V;  Input voltage range for main operations 160 – 286V

IEC 320 C14- Cord supplied

Batteries & Runtime

Battery Type Maintenance-free sealed Lead-Acid battery with suspended electrolyte: leak proof

Typical recharge time 3 hour(s)

Replacement Battery PSRBC7 (high temperature long life batteries available for this unit PSrbc7h,hi-temp)

Typical life expectancy @75°F= 3-5 years

Premium battery life expectancy @75°F= 8-12years

Typical Backup Time at Half Load 24 minutes (490 Watts)

Typical Backup Time at Full Load 6.7 minutes (980 Watts)

Typical Backup Time at 425 Watts= 30 minutes

Interface Port(s)

(1)USB serial control, (1) RS232 S20 port, (1) SmartSlot

 Powerchute™ software supplied for many operating systems

DB9 dongle supplied for S20 port

Available SmartSlot™ (for optional SNMP Ethernet Network card PS9630) or environmental monitor card or multi I/O control card. (simple switching)

Windows ™XP and above will recognize this UPS when they are attached with USB.  Windows™ PC will configure itself with its own drivers for graceful shutdown and UPS operation. Software also provided for UNIX, Linux.

Note, this RS232 S20 port is a new generation port and is  fully compatible with previous generation software.

Control panel

LCD Written Word status display (alphanumeric) with predictive battery failure, Load and battery information Also the LCD can display the menus while programming the UPS.

The LCD can show:

  • Operating mode
  • Switched Outlet status, On or Off
  • Efficiency of the UPS
  • Information about the load
  • Battery capacity
  • Estimated runtime
  • Input and output voltage and frequency
  • Information about the last transfer to battery power
  • Self-test results

Configuration Configure the settings for the UPS:

  • Language
  • Local power quality: Good, Fair, Poor
  • Choose Standard or Advanced menus
  • LCD Display mode, Always On or Power-Saving
  • Audible alarms
  • Reset to Factory Defaults

Test & Diags Use the Test & Diags menu to have the UPS perform a self test

If configured for Advanced Mode

Menu General Functions

Status View detailed information about the UPS:

  • Energy meter
  • Load current
  • Status of the Switched Outlet Group
  • Battery voltage

Configuration Configure advanced settings for the UPS:

  • Main and Switched Outlet Group—delays and settings
  • High and lower transfer points
  • Sensitivity settings
  • Date of last battery replacement

Control Control the Main and Switched Outlet Group to turn on,

turn off, or reboot.

Test & Diags Perform a UPS alarm test or a runtime calibration test.

Log View the event log for information about any changes to

the UPS and any faults.

About View information about the unit:

  • Hardware version
  • Software version
  • NMC information (if applicable)

LED indicators  On Line: On Battery: Replace Battery: and Overload/ Fault Indicators

Audible Alarm -Alarm when on battery: distinctive low battery alarm: configurable delays


Surge energy rating 459 Joules

Filtering- Full time multi-pole noise filtering: 0.3% IEEE surge let-through: zero clamping response time: meets UL 1449

Dimensions (PS1503h-mb or )

Maximum Height 8.62 inches (219 mm)

Maximum Width 6.73 inches (171 mm)

Maximum Depth 17.28 inches (439mm)

Net Weight 53lbs. (24kg)

Shipping Weight 59 lbs. (27.5 kg)

Shipping Height 15.00 inches

Shipping Width 13.00 inches

Shipping Depth 24 inches

Color-  gleaning stainless steel and Gun Metal Black

Units per pallet=24


Operating Environment

32 – 104 °F (0 – 40 °C)  (battery dependant)  This can be -15°to +60°C with our Premium battery

Operating Relative Humidity 0 – 95%

Operating Elevation 0-10000 feet (0-3000 meters)

Storage Temperature 5 – 113 °F (-15 – 45 °C)

Storage Relative Humidity 0 – 95%

Storage Elevation 0-50000 feet (0-15000 meters)

Audible noise at 1 meter from surface of unit 45.00 dBA

Online Thermal Dissipation-135 BTU /hr

2 year warranty on parts and Labor  , 1 year on Batteries

RoHS 7b Exemption,REACH: Contains No SVHCs

cUL Listed,UL 1778

PS503h-mbiTower  Ctick,CE,EN 50091-1,EN 50091-2,VDE

Mounting  (option)

Powerstar builds mounting plates for hull or deck mounting.  Padded steel plate with padded straps (hoops) wrap around UPS and hold it securely to the plate. The plate can be bolted or welded in place.


Option ; Stainless steel louvered upper case.

Also available with Master Bypass switch- connect the input power directly to outlets

We also build this model as a fully ruggedized MIL901D-A tested – PS1503ss mil 167