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Powerstar UPS 18in. 3KVA 2700W MILSPEC

Powerstar UPS 18in. 3KVA 2700W MILSPEC

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Powerstar has a solution-the 2+2. The 3KVA 2 piece Smart UPS unit with its 18″ shallow rack depth should solve your problem

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Powerstar UPS 18in. 3KVA 2700W MILSPECPowerstar has a solution-the 2+2. The 3KVA 2 piece Smart UPS unit with its 18″ shallow rack depth should solve your problem. (110 or 220v) 2700 watts output and the 18″ battery pack can be relocated wherever you have space left-even the next rack over. Each piece of the 2+2 is 2 rack units tall. This new APC brand SMT electronics package has updated electronics with all the great specs of the previous version, but has improved efficiency & a new front panel 2 line LCD TEXT display showing Voltage, Power draw, Alarms, etc.

Manufactured in our factory with ISO9001:2008 Quality Control.Made in USA

The previous version has passed MIL-S-901D-Grade A shock testing installed in shock rack.

Designed & used on Submarines, but can solve any problem where space is an issue. The 2+2 two piece design allows the battery pack to be located where it’s cool for long life. Or where you have room left! Made in USA from welded zinc plated steel, it’s sturdy too. Delta wiring if shipboard. This unit has been ruggedized to handle Rock n’ Roll. Daisy chain up to 3 trays for LONG runtimes. With each section only 3.5″x17″x18″D and plenty of output connectors, this unit has solved many space issues. Powerstar has an engineering staff waiting to help you with your special needs. Contact us for “no hassle” help with your power requirements. East and West coast engineers available. We have units that have passed stand-alone Mil testing. We specialize in ruggedized UPS for Naval and Land use. We have been building UPS for the military services since +1925-270-0970 international /West coast

  • 2 separate rack units- each 3.5″x17″x18″ (88x432x458) ~66lb. (29kg.) each piece
  • Zinc plated steel case with various front and rear panels-made in USA
  • Adjustable depth Rail Kits for 4 post 19″ rack included
  • (6) 5-15, (2) 5-20 receptacles, Military connectors, screw terminal barrier strip or IEC if you like.
  • 864va/hr from each PS6003rm2u18BP tray- add up to 2 more 2u trays. See Long Life option below
  • 17 minute runtime for 1/2 load from 1 battery tray. 30 minutes@875W. 5 minutes@2700W.
  • Max capacity 3000VA /2700 watts @.9 power factor- quite powerful for its size.
  • Switchover time is fast for this line interactive UPS – 2-8ms. (Less than ½ cycle @60Hz) Most power supplies should be able to handle a 20ms hit.
  • Micro processor controlled Smart UPS cycle-tests itself and its batteries every 2 weeks
  • ‘Programmable Restart Delay’ after outage to minimize extreme startup load surges from Inrush on ACMAINS during power failure recovery. (default is 0ms.- you can set up to 2 minutes)
  • NEW! Front panel with LCD alphanumeric TEXT readout 2 line display showing Alarms in text mode. When no alarms, it shows Voltages, Currents, “Estimated Runtime”, Charge %available etc. User selectable readouts with a user 4 button control.
  • LED lamp indicators are also on front panel. ONLINE,On BatteryReplace BattOverload /Fault
  • Audio (Beep) indicators for status change. (Audio can be silenced by pressing a key)
  • Optional: PS9630 SNMP, Telnet, HTTP, SMTP etc. Ethernet card, you can monitor many UPS from a console. SMT version uses same PS9630 network card as previous version 2+2.
  • PS9631 Deluxe Network card with (2) Environmental/monitor ports & included external temperature probe.
    • AP9335th Temp/Humidity external probe option.
    • PS9810 (1) or (2) dry contact I/O dongles are optional. Dry contacts can be used to monitor a remote closure or you can remotely open and close a contact to switch an external device or signal you of a UPS status change. Each dongle has (1) Form C relay & (2) inputs and 12V/25ma source. (see drawing at right)
  • Uses industry standard Powerchute© software -supplied
  • EPO Emergency Power OFF contacts standard. A simple closure on the EPO contacts will shut down the UPS immediately. (think fire alarm contacts)
  • Std. USB serial communications standard via rear mounted USB port. Connect USB directly to a Windows© PC and the PC will configure itself for UPS operation. Many other OS are supported as well with APC© software and is included on disc or Web.
  • Serial Rj50X port is provided along with a DB9 dongle for communications via ASCII protocol. Please note: this port will not provide the same information as the previous version DB9 port. New APC software is required for communication via this port. Previous version “Dumb-signaling” is changed with this new port. This port can be used with new Powerchute software and a computer that has only DB9 Rs232 data ports for shutdown and monitoring.
  • Field replaceable batteries- Hot Swap capable. We have Premium extended temp.(-15°C to +50°C) 8-10 year life batteries if you need them. (PS6003rm2u18BP-H)
  • Standard pack is rated for 3-5 years @25°C (0°C to 40°C.)
  • AVC Buck/Boost Auto Voltage Control adjusts V. on the output without the inverter engaging.
  • 2+2SMT version adds Buck/Boost Auto-bypass system when input voltage is within range for >98% efficiency. (see chart)
  • Noise and spike dampening on the input line. Surge rated 459 Joules
  • +100G Dual pole circuit breaker on MIL-STD-901D-Grade A versions for Delta power shipboard (PS6003rm4u18-A)
  • A common use for the 2+2 is power for a Blade server.
  • We can customize the 2+2 with:
    • recessed battery connectors,
    • right angle entrance power cords
    • Up to 8 Front Panel mounted Circuit breakers / switches to control the outlets
    • MIL SPEC, NEMA, INPUT /OUTPUTS available
    • Screw Terminal outlets for mounting in a 19.8″ deep cabinet. Very shallow depth!
    • Extended Life battery cabinets. Add on additional cabinets for increased runtime.
    • Build to Mil-S-901D Grade A shock rating. MIL-std-167
    • Mounting holes for custom rack glides
  • The Powerstar 2+2 aka. PS6003rm4u18 This unit has numerous NSN listings. Each PS6003rm4u18 consists of (1)2u Electronics tray and (1)2u battery cabinet and 2 rail kits. Order additional battery trays with PS6003rm2u18BP or PS6003rm2u18BP-H (High performance long life)
  • Availability- our normal shipping is in 40 days
  • An optional front panel is available with Circuit breaker or switch control of each outlet.

(July 2011) Below is documentation from a major US Defense Contractor re our previous version 2+2:

“The PS6003RM2u-18-A-H Controller and PS6003rm2uBP-A-H Battery Trays, while installed in a shock-isolated and EMI-sealed rack, have successfully passed the following Environmental tests:


Air Temp CS06, RS02, CE101, CE102, CS101, CS114, CS116, RE101, RE102, RS101, RS103

MIL-STD-810F CN3, Operational 0-40C, and Storage -20-60C

Humidity MIL-STD-810F Modified 507.4, 90% @ 40C

Vibration MIL-STD-167-1, 4 to 14Hz

DC Mag Field DOD-STD-1399 Section 70 – Part 1, Notice 1

Power MIL-STD-1399

Pressure (Tray Only) MIL-STD-810(F) Change Notice 3, Method 500.4, Procedure II – Operation (24 and 36 inches Hg)

Noise-Airborne MIL-STD-740-1

Noise-Structure MIL-STD-740-2

Shock MIL-STD-901D, Heavyweight Impact Testing”

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