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New Shipboard 3KVA -3u runtimes in a 2u package

New Shipboard 3KVA -3u runtimes in a 2u package

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to 98% efficient under full load is how we get these amazing battery backed runtimes in such a small package.



Uninterruptible Power Supply shipboard 3kvaNew Model PS6003rm2uXL replacing the PS6003rm3uXL 

runs without batteries

2KVA 1800W PS6002rm2uXL and 1.5KVA 1200W PS6000rm2uXL also available (see Below for specs)

Up to 98% efficient under full load is how we get these amazing battery backed runtimes in such a small package.

Similar runtimes to the previous 3u model but now only 2u in height 26.9″ deep

New LCD Display panel with Text readout of Status /Alarms

Tower or Rack mounting- Front panel display can be rotated 90°. Tower feet included.

3ea. remotely controlled Switched Outlet Groups can be used to reboot “hung” equipment that is powered by the UPS (blink the power to connected equipment)

  • Runtime of 12 minutes@1800W,
  • 6.3 minutes @full power-2700W
  • 900W for 30 minutes.
  • Add on 1ea. 2u battery tray (PS6003rm2uXLBP) for 30 minutes @ full power-2700W 
  • (3) NEMA 5-15r
  • (3)NEMA 5-20r
  • (1) L5-30r

Line Interactive type UPS wired for Delta power Shipboard use. Protect the sailors, use a properly designed UPS onboard to reduce shock hazards. Use on deepwater platforms, cruise ships, drilling rigs. We can also offer Line Isolation transformers to reduce or eliminate shock hazard from a sailor touching an energized wire while standing on a wet metal deck.  Read about shipboard power here.

30G rated Dual pole AC MAINS input circuit breaker standard for safe shipboard use

High shock rated Dual Pole +100G input circuit breaker available . Input CB can be front mounted if requested.

Output Power 2700 Watts / 3000 VA

Auto Boost /Trim voltage leveling without using Inverter

Temperature compensated battery charging for improved battery life

Varying levels of ruggedization available to meet your needs- we have been ruggedizing for 20 years.

Smart UPS tests itself and batteries periodically (normally 2 weeks)

Auto restart after a full run upon AC MAINS restoration

Cold Start capable- Can be used as a remote AC power source in the field

Hot swappable batteries -replace batteries through front panel while unit is online

Ethernet network cards with humidity /temperature sensing optional

Front to Back air flow

Full Sine wave Output -Output Voltage distortion <5% at full load

Output Frequency (sync to mains) 47 – 53 Hz for 50 Hz nominal, 57 – 63 Hz for 60 Hz nominal

Transfer Time 2-4 ms. This is less than ¼ of a cycle- your equipment should handle a 20ms hit.

Crest Factor up to 5: 1

Ground screw located on back panel

Output Connections (PS6003rm2uXL standard US model)

(3) NEMA 5-15R (1) NEMA L5-30r

(3) NEMA 5-20R

Other output connectors optional (Military Spec available, contact us for other connections)


Nominal Input Voltage 120V, Input Frequency 50/60 Hz +/- 3 Hz (auto sensing) . This unit is made for shipboard Delta power.

Input cord NEMA L5-30p 8 ft. cord. (2.4m) standard -Mil Spec connector optional

Input voltage range for main operations 82 – 144V; Input voltage adjustable range for mains operation 75 – 154V

Batteries & Runtime (A) UPS tray only – no additional battery cabinets

Battery Type Maintenance-free sealed Lead-Acid battery with suspended electrolyte: leakproof

Typical recharge time 3 hour(s)

Contact Powerstar for high temperature long life batteries available for this unit

  • Typical Backup Time at Half Load 18 minutes (1350 Watts)
  • Typical Backup Time at Full Load 6.3 minutes (2700 Watts)
  • Typical Backup Time at 900 Watts= 30 minutes

Runtime with 1 additional 2u battery pack (124 lb) PS6003rm2uXLBP

  • Typical Backup Time at Half Load 70 minutes (1350 Watts)
  • Typical Backup Time at Full Load 30 minutes (2700 Watts)
  • Typical Backup Time at 900 Watts= 109 minutes

See Powerstar website graph for adding more trays

Interface Ports

Communicate to the UPS using Powerchute™ software or use the keypad and status readout display on front panel.

USB, for Serial communications. Windows XP™ and above includes native drivers for this UPS. Connect a PC with Windows XP™ or above via USB and Windows will configure itself to work with the UPS for graceful shutdown capability.

S20/RJ50x RS-232 ,Use RS232 for legacy equipment. Please note: this RJ50x/S20 RS232 port is different from previous generation APC DB9 ports. Do not assume 3rd party software will work with this new port.  The new gen Powerchute software will function with this S20.  an S20 /DB9 dongle adapter is available.

SmartSlot™ Interface -accepts optional RJ45 Network card PS9630 or PS9631 Environmental monitor card. Powerchute™ works with these cards as well for configuration, status and alarming. Powerchute™ software works with these OS: Linux, Solaris, Solaris 86, Windows 2003, Windows 2008, Windows XP, Vista, Windows7

PS9630 Network Card RJ45: Protocols: HTTP, HTTPS, IPv4, IPv6, NTP, SMTP, SNMP v1, SNMP v3, SSH V1, SSH V2, SSL, TCP/IP, and Telnet. Radius Authentication.

PS9631 Network card with Environmental monitoring: As above, also includes external temperature sensor. And you can add on a temp/humidity probe.  Also PS9810 Dry contact adapter for simple inputs and outputs (closures and opens) are available.

Emergency Power OFF contacts- connect an external low current low voltage SPST switch to disable UPS for fire or other emergency.

Control panel

LED status display has 4 LEDs: On Line, On Battery, Fault, and Replace battery Indicators

NEW! LCD alphanumeric 1-line readout on front panel. This reads out alarms when present or status including a Load meter in Amps or kWh, input Volts, output Volts and battery status including Voltage, state of charge, estimated runtime available. This panel can also be used to update or configure the UPS with 4 key buttons (up, down, Enter, ESC)

UPS on/ off push button

Audible Beep Alarm -Alarm when on battery: distinctive low battery alarm: configurable delays


Surge energy rating 540 Joules

Filtering- Full time multi-pole noise filtering: 0.3% IEEE surge let-through: zero clamping response time: meets UL 1449

PS6003rm2uXL Dimensions

Maximum Height 3.35 inches (85mm) x Width 17 inches (432mm)

Maximum Depth 26.26 inches (667mm) -Rack height=2U

Net Weight 85 lbs. (39 kg)

Shipping Weight 100 lbs. (46 kg)

Shipping Height 10 inches (245 mm)x Shipping Width 23.5inches (596 mm)x Shipping Depth 34.7 inches (869 mm)

Color- Gun Metal Black

Mounting rail kit included for rack mounting

Operating Environment

* 32 to +104 °F (0 – 40 °C) (battery dependant) We have a Premium battery option to extend this to -15°C to +50°C charge rating / -25° to +60 °C discharge rating

Operating Relative Humidity 0 – 95% optional Can be conformal coated upon request

Operating Elevation 0-10000 feet (0-3000 meters)

Storage Temperature 5 – 113 °F (-15 – 45 °C)- Storage period 6 months @25°C without recharging.

Storage Relative Humidity 0 – 95%

Storage Elevation 0-50000 feet (0-15000 meters)

Audible noise at 1 meter from surface of unit 55 dBA

Online Thermal Dissipation: 276 BTU /hr –This is 100 BTU less than the previous model PS6003rm3uxl

Regulatory Approvals Conformance

PS6003rm2uXL BSMI,CSA,EN 50091-2,EN 55022 Class A,FCC Part 15 Class A,NOM,TUV,UL 1778,VCCI Class A, ROHS exemption 7B

Built for MIL-STD-1399, MIL-STD-901D grade B

Motherboard manufactured in ISO 9001:2008 factories


High capacity battery cabinet with rear mounted power connectors. 1200VA/hr

These 2 rack unit trays can be daisy chained together to increase runtime and will be charged by the UPS. The UPS now can sense additional trays so no additional programming required.

Rail kit for 4 post rack mounting is included.

Maintenance free leakproof sealed Lead Acid batteries with suspended electrolyte

Operating temperature range 0°C to 40°C with std. battery pack (PSRBC6003rm2uXL) 3-5 year life rating

Optional extended temperature range -15°C to +50°C for charging and +60° discharge rating with Powerstar Extended battery pack. (PSRBC6003rm2uxl-N) 3-5 year life@25°C

The Powerstar Premium Pack A long life extended temperature range pack is also available (PSRBC6003rm2uXL-H) has an extended life expectancy of 8-10 years @25°C with normal cycling

Battery tray Dimensions

Maximum Height 3.36 inches (86 mm) x Maximum Width 19.00 inches (483 mm)

Maximum Depth 26.26 inches (667 mm) -Rack Height 2U

Net Weight 124 lbs. (56 kg) Shipping Weight 140 lbs. (64 kg)

Shipping Height 9.6 inches (245 mm)x 24.00 inches (610 mm) x 34.5 inches (870 mm)

Color- Gun Metal Black

Mounting rails included for rack mounting – Feet for vertical installation.

ROHS 7b exemption, Reach, Contains no SVHCs

Powerstar offers 2 year warranty on parts and labor

Made in USA



PS6002rm2uXL  120VAC model also available in 230VAC PS6002irm2uXL This unit has all the features of the unit above in a smaller power package. EPO included. (Emergency power off contacts) Input Circuit Breaker can be front mounted if requested.

1800W output 2KVA 120VAC shipboard UPS 2rack unit tall x26.3″ deep.  85LB.  Please ask about different connectors (that is our specialty)

  • (3) NEMA 5-15r
  • (3) NEMA 5-20r
  • (1) NEMA L5-20r
  • 11 minutes runtime @ full 1800W load
  • 30 minutes runtime @ 830W load
  • 150 minutes @ 180W load
  • 230 BTU/hr online thermal dissipation
  • BSMI, CSA, EN 50091-2, EN 55022 Class A, FCC Part 15 Class A, NOM, TUV, UL 1778, VCCI Class A
  • 55.0 dbA @ 1m.
  • <5% voltage distortion @ full load
  • 75V-154V Input voltage adjustable range for mains operation (Line interactive UPS)

Add up to 3 additional battery trays each 2u x 26″ deep 124LB each. (140LB shipping weight) PS6002rm2uXLBP or with our Premium Long Life PS6002rm2uXLBPh

With 1 additional 2u tray:

  • 46 minute @ full load 1800W
  • 88 minutes @ 1000W
  • 510 minutes @ 180W


PS6000rm2uXL     1500VA 1200W output 120VAC shipboard UPS with all the features of the above units with a smaller power capacity  EPO is included with this model.

2rack unit tall (3.36″) x 19.3″ deep (430mm deep) 55LB.

Online Thermal dissipation 133 BTU /hr

(8) NEMA 5-15r outlets.   8 feet power cord with NEMA 5-15r

  • 5.8 minutes @ full load (1200W)
  • 30 minutes @ 380W
  • 115 minutes @ 120W

PS6000rm2uXLBP or PS6000rm2uXLBPh (long life) battery tray 2u x 19.3″ deep 63LB

  • 29.5 minutes @ full load (1200W)
  • 30 minutes @ 1170W
  • 390 minutes @ 120W CAGE 0zap8


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