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New eXtreme battery 2 yr. shelf /12 yr. service

New eXtreme battery 2 yr. shelf /12 yr. service

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This high performance cell is used in our PSRBC7x, PSRBC11x, PSRBC55x replacement battery cartridges

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eXtreme duty VRLA cellPowerstar Inc. introduces a new eXtreme duty VRLA cell for our product line- the X series. This high performance cell is used in our PSRBC7x, PSRBC11x, PSRBC55x replacement battery cartridges. The cell is not available for individual re-sale.  We sell it only as a Replacement Battery Cartridge assembly to be used in Powerstar Uninterruptible Power Supplies.

  •  2 year shelf life vs. 6-12 month shelf life of a standard UPS battery
  • 12 year service life vs. 3-5 year of a standard cell
  • Built for high shock environments.
  • Additional capacity vs. our standard cell

These packs can be used in our PS1502, PS1503, PS1504, PS2200, PS2201, PS6003T, PS6003rm5u, PS6003XL UPS or any unit using our 12V 18amp/hr cell.  You can order a new UPS from us with this battery already installed e.g, PS1504x, PS6003rm5ux, PS2201ssX

We NOW offer this cell with our  very low cost PS502-750 in a metal chassis. Great for outdoor use alongside roadways for automated systems that need backup, filtered power and low maintenance.

  • The X series has the same shape, fit, form and function as our Standard & Premium ‘H’ series line.  No modifications are needed.   The PSRBC…x will slip right into your Powerstar UPS
  • Improved Shelf storage time to 2 years*
  • -40°C to +60°C operating temperature range- 40 to +80°C discharge range
  • Flame retardant rugged case UL94V-O
  • Corrosion resistant Brass terminals
  • Long life >12 year @25°C /400 complete cycles
  • Increased power storage capacity
  • Designed for Shock and Vibration applications

1) Same Fit and Function- Any minor dimensional differences will be filled with included padding sent with every PSRBC..x. Quick Connect connectors and harness are included with every PSRBC..x

2)  Improved shelf storage life, up to 2 years @25°C*, without a freshening charge. (A Freshening charge resets that “2 year shelf storage countdown”).   This storage improvement is due to the Pure Lead /Tin construction and plate purity. Recharge when voltage drops to 12v (~2 years). NOTE:  If you need to store cells for longer periods, we offer shipboard/ land based chargers that handle up to 4 packs simultaneously to apply the freshening charge.

3) Expanded Operating temperature range. The cell is created using a Pure Lead-tin technology.

Temp. -20°C 0°C 25°C 40°C 55°C
Capacity @ 15 minute rate 65% 84% 100% 110% 120%


Although the battery may be used at reduced capacity from       -40°C to -20°C, it is advised these batteries be installed in temperature regulated areas to obtain the maximum runtime expected of them.

At -40°C, capacity is reduced.

The battery will perform with:

60% of its 5 hour rated capacity,

30% of its 1 hour capacity or

27% of its 15 minute capacity.

4) High Quality Safe Case The X case is UL94V-O flame retardant non-halogenated plastic. The case is compliant with the German Dioxin Ordinance of 1994. LOI >28%. UL component recognized. The cell uses AGM (Absorptive Glass Mat) technology and Valve Regulated Gas Recombinant Lead Acid design. The case and the plate design are engineered for shock and vibration ruggedness. Brass nodes are used for corrosion resistance. The battery is spill proof.

5) Brass Nodes Battery terminals are corrosion resistant brass. Tighten to 50 in-lb. (5.6Nm). All PowerStar Replacement Cartridges come with a new interconnect harness including a Battery/ UPS connector to eliminate the worry from corrosion.

6) Long float Life Life is rated for >12years @25°C or 400 full discharge cycles whichever comes first. These cells are designed to last at least 2X the life of a high quality standard UPS battery. The Pure Lead process again offers the additional life along with the gas recombinant system that captures any off gassing from charging and converts it back to electrolyte.  And the cells should last 3-4x the life of lesser quality replacement cells (Powerstar does not offer these lesser quality cells, but they are out there & we hear about them!)  Note: Cell Life is rated @80% of original capacity.

7) Increased Capacity. These tests performed @ 25°C with a PS1504 test unit.

Sept  2012 test of PS1504 50% load 100% load
PSRBC7 23.9 minute 6.7 minute
PSRBC7x 27 minute 8.5 minute


Environmental and Transportation

This battery is safe for use in human environments.  This battery can be used in hospitals or offices. Case is non-halogenated plastic with no PBB, PBBE, PBBO, PBDPE, PBDPO, TBBA or DBBPE, This battery has been tested to be functional to 88kPa (50,000ft). This battery has been tested to comply with pressure differential test of DOT HMR49 for non-hazardous material, International Civil Aeronautics Organization ICAO, & IATA packing instruction 806 & special provision A67. This battery is Air Shippable with no restrictions.  The outer packaging requires a label “NONSPILLABLE”. Battery has been tested to meet CFR49 § 173.159(d). The packaging does not require DOT hazard warning labels.

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