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Anixter just ordered the ps3300- nete for the Canadian government.

NCS has just order 72 3kva ps3300 UPS with extended pattery packs.   Defense rated

We have received more orders for the Powerstar PS2201-R3 UPS. I attached

the RFQ which you all signed July 2020 to use the Carling breaker

instead of the Sensata which still cannot del. The RFV is for 1 PO qty50.

the Carling MS series permanently.  Our productivity will be much higher

and shipments will be on time. The pricing does not change. Both

breakers are rated MIL202. The Carling has all the capabilities and trip

specs as the old Sensata AP16-32740-2 does. How do we make a permanent

change to this part so we can build the R3 with the Carling MS series?

We are now getting Carling as well as Sensata breakers for 15. and 3kva requirement, they are both dual pole, mil 200 toggle switch
Boeing Argon just bought 7 ps6003rm with miil 461 Astrodyn filter totalling $5174 for 7

The navy Military Sealift Command just purchased (68) 3kva shipboard ups from Powerstar with ethernet interface. bought and paid for.

BAE has ordered 10 ps6000-iso at $3945 each of a 1.5kva ups

Kampi has now ordered 50 PS2201 UPS for their Navair program..  for immediate delivery.Navair has approved of the change we have made to PS2201 ups to carling mil standard breakers

We are considering changing from the sensata to the the carling breaker for the ps2201 and ps3300 and possibly ps3200.. Navair has approved of the change we have made to PS2201 ups to carling mil standard breakers

Powerstar is now under govt contract to throw away 35 ups  and supply 35 new ups PS6000

QPI/Valkelyrie has ordered eight more PS2201 ups  for their naval app 

Motorola just ordered 20 more Vertiv/Liebert UPS for their Navy application.

Powerstar has been awarded an IDIQ contract for  6130015209673 cage code, PS6000r2iso gradea . we have been getting orders one at a time

Bowhead has just ordered 20 more ps2201 ups totalling $180,000,

BCI Sensor has just ordered 3/18/20 13 PS3204rm ups for their NAVY project.

Powerstar just recived a order for 41 gxt3000
from DFAS over 300k

WR Systems in norfolk just ordered 140k of ps3204 for their navy project. bought and paid for

GDMS ordered 100k of PS3300rm for the LCS.

Thales in Australia has purchased from PSTAR .Motorola on DDG,Central Fabeicating  ,and ACC advanced computer  have all bought in the last month of December.

DFAS columbus ordered repair of 7 ps1504h for the lcs program

Central Metal fab ordered 3 ps2201 ups

L3 Maritime ordered 10 ps6002rm   for 19k

Advaced Computer Concepts ordered 68 ps6002rn2uxl for nwc atlantic in sc.

QPI in virginia ordered 3 more cPS2201 for usage on the LCS program

Central Metal Fabricators who makes the housing/safety hull mount shelter for the 3 more ps2201 ups

Naval Media in san diego, though a disty named Diversified, has ordered 29 ps6000-2u-iso

Spawar Charleston SC has ordered 68 rackmount custom ps6002rm 2kva ups with network card

BATH Iron works just ordered 32 battery sets for their client, the us Navy foe the ps1503

Thales ,in Australia ,just ordered 15 PS6003rm UPS shipboard 3kva ups 2700 watts  Alot of history.

Motorola has recently ordered true online shipboard UPS for the Navy,they have been ordereing for over a year

LMCO has purchsed several power products called, ups ,uniterruptible power supplies to upgrade the Litteral combat ships

Marinnette Marine just ordered 55k of PS2201 or immediate delivery

DLA just ordered 30 ps1504 for lcs usage

DLA just ordered 50 ps2201 for navy usage!

systems has ordered,as well as lockheed, Kampi, /Agsi, and L3

Genl Dynamics, L-3 comm,QPI, have ordered  systems from Powerstar

Powerstar is having troubles withe the PS850 firmware, it is now in trouble with us.  We will keep you posted

Motorola has just placed an $60000 order for liebert shipboard ups for the navy

Powerstar has shipped 6 ps1503 mil ups to VSE corp

Powerstar has just received a contract with DFAS to repair 170 DDG ps1503 ups about 369  k

Powerstar was paid 89k for another fixed price repair contract. call Tim
to get a fixed price repair pricing

Marinnete Marine in Wisconsin, the shipbuilder for the LCS lmco ship, has just ordered 12 of the ps2201 r3 ups for this usage

All RMA returns for repair to be sent to cage 41wd2 . accuracy provides an RMA no. mandatory! 25 4th street Somerville NJ 08876

BAE maritime has ordered 7 ps6000 with detached transformer to make it a shallow depth

WR systems has ordered the ps3204  2kva ups x2

the ps3000 series is liebert, the ps6000 is apc

Motorola just ordered a ps3204 with filters

DFAS just ordered 130 repairs of the ps1503h for $380k for ddg with repaied ups with one year warranty

GD-MS ordered 3 ps2201
for the lcs at 21k

LMCO has just ordered a
ps2201 for the lcs

Milspec of australia and usa ordered many ps6003rm2uxl  and multitudes of batteres for the aussie navy

Govsmart sold 2 more ps6003rmu  for military sealift command

April 2018------Dfas has purchased 18 more ps1503hmb ups for the lcs program. 55k

LMCO has purchased 20 ps1503hmb and hullmount enclosures totalling more than 70k

L3 East has purchaes 3 more ps6003rm with batteries

Hexagon ,formerly intergraph,  has purchased two more ps3300rm   ps3300rm

IPS and qpi,now Valkyerie, have us us 6 ps2201 for repair