Powerstar’s Isolation Transformers for UPS Enhance Power

How Do Our Isolation Transformers Work?

For nearly three decades, Powerstar Inc. has been a trusted provider of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) solutions tailored for shipboard power applications.

In this article, we explore the unique challenges of shipboard power systems and how Powerstar’s UPS units, equipped with isolation transformers, address these challenges while ensuring safety and reliability.

Shipboard Power: Unique Requirements

Shipboard power systems operate differently from their land-based counterparts. While both generate 120V 60Hz power, ships employ a specialized design to ensure safety and operational integrity. Unlike domestic land-based power systems, where the neutral is at ground potential, shipboard power systems maintain both lines above ground potential, typically around 60V above ground. This design is crucial to prevent electrical conduction through the ship’s metallic hull, especially in the event of contact with seawater.

Safety Measures: Double Pole Breakers

To mitigate the risks associated with shipboard power, special double pole breakers are required onboard ships. These breakers are designed to open both hot lines, effectively isolating the load from the generator. Powerstar equips all its UPS models with these specialized double pole input breakers to ensure safe and reliable operation.

The Role of Isolation Transformers

Many Powerstar Inc. UPS systems are equipped with isolation transformers, which play a pivotal role in enhancing safety and system performance:

Protection from Shock: Isolation transformers safeguard sailors from electric shock by isolating the load’s capacitance from the power source, preventing stray capacitance from conducting current.

EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) Reduction: These transformers help reduce EMI emissions that may be generated by the UPS or its load, preventing noise from being conducted back into the power lines.

Enhanced Noise Shielding: Powerstar’s isolation transformers feature a shield in the core, effectively preventing high-frequency noise from coupling between the secondary and primary windings.

Custom Solutions: Stand-Alone Transformers

Powerstar offers stand-alone isolation transformers mounted in their enclosures, complete with power outlets and breakers. These solutions are ideal for specific applications requiring isolated power sources.

Voltage Step-Down Capability

For added versatility, Powerstar’s transformers can be configured with different voltage taps, allowing you to connect to 240V or 400V sources and power 120V devices. Whether you’re sailing in Europe, Australia, or the United States, Powerstar can provide systems that accommodate different voltage and frequency requirements.

Powerstar Inc.’s commitment to safety, reliability, and flexibility has made its UPS solutions with isolation transformers a trusted choice for shipboard power applications. With a focus on preventing shocks, reducing EMI, and providing versatile voltage options, Powerstar empowers sailors and ship operators with the confidence to navigate the seas with dependable power protection.