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Powerstar Battery prices mil hi-temp enersys customized to powerstar

NSN Numbers

PS3300rm sqq32ps3300rm sqq326130016525173
PS-ap9617, PS-9617discontinued, PS9630 newPlug in CIRCUIT CARD ASSEMBLY Ethernet Network management PS9630 supercedes PS9617 SNMP, Http, telnet, Powerchute, etc.5998015626778
PS9631Plug in CIRCUIT CARD ASSEMBLY Ethernet, Network management With Temperature Sensor (included).dry contacts, SNMP, ,SMTP, Http, Telnet, Powerchute, etc. Supports plugin dry contact I/O accessory .span>(A Temp/Humidity probe isspan>available-not included)5998016192518
PS3200CNSUPS Shipboard 2KVA ruggedized 2u rack mount with loss of power relay indicator on barrier strip, H series battery. Net card included. MS input. (6) 5-20r outputs. 19.7"deep. Developed for 901D6120016154327
PS6000-1-6002HS1.5KVA 1000w, rackmount UPS, No ISO,span>3U x15"d, (2) MS outputs and (2) 5-15R duplex out, (1) mil in Premium Long life batteriesspan>'H' Stainless cabinet Intergraph6120016198938
PS-6000 ver2UPS 1.5kva POWER SUPPLY Isolated MIL901D grade B 3u (6)5-15r (19" deep notched rear)6130014614786
Built by PowerstarBATTERY POWER SUPPLY6130014641839
PS6000-1GBSver2UPS Power Supply Rack mount 1.5kva 3u X15"D (1) MIL-In, 15 inch depth(2)Mil-outpan>6130014854450
PS2200SSver2UPS POWER SUPPLY tower Stainless steel 2.2kva Grade Aspan>(see below) net card6130014924306
PS2201-SSver6UPS POWER SUPPLY 2.2kva(option for 6 mil) MIL901D-A tower Stainless steel cover louvered (2) MIL-out 16.75”D x 6.75”W x 8.5”H with network card6130014924306
PS1501RMSS ver2UPS 1.5KVA POWER SUPPLY rack mount Stainless steel (2)MIL-out, (2)5-15r,span>similar to PS6000-1. 3u X15"D no iso6130014924307
SU-1400RMNET-SS discontinuedPOWER SUPPLY Stainless steel obsolete/ PS6000 replaces this6130014924307
PS1501SSUPS POWER SUPPLY/ net card, Stainless steel cover,span>tower, Not shock rated, (see below)6130014924320
SU-1400NET-SS disconntnuedPOWER SUPPLY see PS1501 or PS1503ssspan>and add PS9630 net card6130014924320
PS1503UPS MIL-STD-901D grade A tower with high temp long life battery same as PS1503h Stainless steel cover6130014977106
PS1503HUPS MIL901D grade A tower with high temp long life batt. 1.5kva (1) MIL-in, (2)MIL-out mil 30126130014977106
PS6000-ISO-FB ver2UPS POWER SUPPLY, 20"D Full Back (no recess) with Isolation transformer Grade A 1.5kva (2)L5-15r, (4)5-15r6130015010504
PS6000-1A ver23u X 20"Dspan>Grade A UPS 1.5kva 1000w ISOLATED This has CAGE 0hd54 only. Powerstar makes this UPS6130015028214
PS3030TUPS POWER SUPPLY 3kva 2u similar to PS3300rm2u with (1)Mil In/(1)MILout with a pigtail6130015030197
PS6000-X discontinuedUPS POWER SUPPLY 1.5kva 3u X15"D- NO ISO (6) 5-15r, Steel chassis dicontinued6130015066422
PS6000-1ver2POWER SUPPLY 1.5kva no iso 3u X 15"deep (6)5-15r6130015085950
PS60003RM5U aka PS6003RM5U3KVA UPS POWER SUPPLY 19" shallow depth 5u tall rack mount.span>UPS has Large Battery pack6130015114949
PS3200-NBUPS POWER SUPPLY 2kva true online 2u x20"D, Manual Bypass, Sold without Batteries (NB)6130015156892
PS6003RM3UUPS POWER SUPPLY 3kva XL 3u X 26"D EMI filter, EMI gasket (6)5-15r (2)5-20r6130015159420
PS6000-ISO-GRADEAPOWER SUPPLY 1.5kva 901D-A , isolation transformer, 3u x19"D notched back half piggyback6130015209673
PS3300RMI-NGUPS POWER SUPPLY, 3kva 230V non-isolating stepdown transformer 3u x24"d 120v out ▼6130015256793
PS3300RM-NGUPS POWER SUPPLY,3kva true online 3u x24"D isolation transformer Input MIL, output DS38999/20fe6sn, built to MIL-STD-901d-A, Hi G breaker6130015256793
PS6003RM-5U-MBUPS 3kva 120vspan>POWER SUPPLY 5u x 19" D.span>Master Bypass switch6130015308753
PS700RM2UUPS POWER SUPPLY .7kva pure sine ups rack mount 2u tall Shipboard ready6130015326136
PS2201-SS-GRADE AUPS POWER SUPPLYspan>tower 2 KVA Stainless steel louvered cover 16.75”D x 6.75”W x 8.5”H6130015350430
PS2201SSpan>2.2KVA tower UPS OK-520(V)2/SQQ COMMON WINCH 2MIL & 6NEMA 5-15r Std Ruggedization not our CAGEpan>6130015353654
PS3300RM-BPExternal Battery cabinet complete 2u x24"D for PS3300 series drilled for QD1456130015385812
PS3300RMIS0-ELGARUPS POWER SUPPLY 3kva 3ux24" with Elgar PDU interfacespan>rack mount CoBLU 3ux24"d with EMI filters. Stainless case, Iso trans. (1)Mil-in, (1) Mil-outspan>Built to MIL901D-A6130015412239
PS1503-4UPS POWER SUPPLY tower stylespan>4 connectors6130015442779
PS502-725UPS POWER SUPPLY-span>725 is obsolete,span>replace with ps502-750g see below▼6130015468885
PS502-750GPower strip / UPS POWER SUPPLYspan>Brick shaped 10 outlet 750VA with master control, shipboard breaker, modified sine out 425w6130015468885
PS6003RM2UUPS POWER SUPPLY,3kva 2750W 2u X26"D. (6)5-15r, (2)5-20r Now with LCD Text display6130015504436
PS6002RMUPS POWER SUPPLY, 2kva 2u X27"D, (6)5-15r,(2)5-20r Now with LCD Text Display6130015504440
PS6003RM3U3KVA-8POWER SUPPLY 8 connectors 3kva 3ru . A replacement version is available6130015505065
PS6003RM3U3KVA-4POWER SUPPLY 4 connectors 3KVAspan>2700W 3u. A replacement version is available.pan>6130015505066
PS3300RMUPS 3KVA POWER SUPPLY rack mount MIL901D-A 3ux24"d with EMI filters. Stainless case, Iso trans. (1)Mil-in, terminal block out AN/SSQ-124 (V) 7, 8, TACTICAL EXPLOITATION SYSTEM>6130015506380
PS6003-20BP, PS6003-20BP, PS6003RM-2uBPBATTERY Cabinet complete 2ux18"d for PS6003rm4u-18, PS6003 2+26130015553822 6135015553822
PS6000RM2U9617 aka. PS6000RM2u-9630UPS POWER SUPPLY 1.5kva 2u X18"D. includes ps9630 Ethernet card (PS9617 PN. is now obsolete)span>(6)5-15r6130015553896
PS6003RM-4U-18 /PS6003 2+2Fully ruggedized UPS 3KVA 2700W POWER SUPPLY 2+2 (2) piece unit in 18"d cabinets- battery tray is separate, .This PN gets bothspan>pieces- (1) UPS and (1)battery tray. (6)5-15rspan>&(2)5-20r output. PS9630 included6130015553906
PS6000-ISO-AUPS 1.5KVA POWER SUPPLY Isolation transformer, MIL-STD-901D-A ruggedspan>3u with half piggyback 20"D, Mil-in, (2)MIL-outpan>6130015584948
PS6003RM2U-TWUPS POWER SUPPLY, 3kva 2u X27"d. (6)L5-15r and 22-2p input.For Taiwan6130015596342
PS6000RMISO-RB-IOEPOWER SUPPLY 1.5kva 3u with isolation transformer. RB enterprises6130015608790
2200-SS-CHASSISPOWER SUPPLY SUBASSEMBLY frame for PS2201SS. Chassis only no electronics included.6130015628416
PS1503-NRPOWER SUPPLY Grade A NR=No Resistor, Std (APC style RS232 )UPSspan>mini tower 1.5kva6130015685290
PS3300RM-LCS-R2True online UPS 3KVA 3u x24"d MIL-STD-901D Grade Aspan>now Rev.4 with f/b airflow Stainless steel chassispan>6130015756698
PS-3150-RM2UUPS POWER SUPPLY 1.5kva Shipboard ups (1350W) true online 2u x20"d MIL connectors 1input /1 output. Sold with Mating connectors as well.6130015760193
PS6000-ISO-TASShipboard UPS 1.5KVA w/SS Rackmount, Maintenance Bypass Switch, High Temp Batts, Full Piggy back, (1)Mil in/(1)MIL out, Stainless Rail Kit. Full Ruggedization. Wired to Elgar PDU.6130015793017
PS1503H-MBUPS Mini tower 1.5kva Full ruggedization Premium batteries, Maintenance bypass switch6130015879940
PS3300RM-GDAIS-LCS-R2, PS3300RM-GDAIS-LCS-R4POWER SUPPLY 3KVA Stainless UPS with Iso 901DGradeA. Now Rev 4 chassis6130016040187
PS6000-1SO-DW, PS6000-iso-DWPOWER SUPPLY 1.5KVA Isolated, Deep Water 901D-A, H Batts, EMI filters, network, Mil in, (6)5-15r out. PiggyBack Chassis6130016040310
PS6000 ISO GRADE D,POWER SUPPLY 1.5KVA 3u detached isolation 15" deepspan>Built to 901D-A (2)L5-15, (2)5-15r. Transformer is on connectorized cable & must be mounted separately.6130016040660
PS6003RM2U-18-A-H r2 REVISED !Now uses SMT electronics. This requires PS6003rm2u-18BP-M-H battery tray below to operate. You must buy both pieces. Extreme shallow depth 2+2 built to Mil901d-Grade A. 3KVA UPS Line Interactive UPS shipboard. 120VAC in/out. Includes front mounted Hi G circuit breakers for I/O. Front Bezel removed/ brushed aluminum plate instead. Center mounted Folding handle; Terminal blocks I/O with strain reliefs.span>Port labeling per L-3. Recessed battery connector. Holes for 515QD-18-P rack mount. PS9613 I/O control and alarm panel installed in UPS. (DB9 socket connector has been changed to a RJ50x Dumb UPS handshaking is altered). Same fit, form , function6130016165974
PS6003RM2U-18BP-M-HPS6003 2+2 battery cabinet .No front bezel. No Handles. Recessed connector. Extreme shallow depth. 18" Battery input labeled.Batteries= High temp long life. Mounting holes installed for 515QD-18-P rack mount. 3 ft battery cable. Built for Mil-std-901D-A.span>Battery cabinet for PS6003rm2u-18-A-H or r2 model. Does not include 515QD rack slide.6130016165975
PSRBC3203HRechargeable Replacement Battery Cartridge for PS3200rm2u Generation 36130016167489
PS3300LCS-NETE new!3kva 2700W true online isolated transformer stainless steel UPS. 3ru X 24". Fully ruggedized.span>(6)5-15, L5-30p. SNMP card.span>H batteries. Rail kit. Includes PSMLADV Liebert Advanced Software and PSMLLKC 10 computer shutdown license.pan>6130016206666
600-1002BATTERY Kit for POWER SUPPLY Battery pack for PS6000 NSN number changed (2013)6135014757392
ps6003rm2uBPspan>PS6003rm2u18BP18" Battery cabinet with batteries for PS6003rm4u18span>(2+2) series UPS This NSN is also 6130015553822 see above.6135015553822
PSRBC7BATTERY,STORAGE Standard for PS1503 tower includes harness. 24Lb.pan>6140014814471
PSRBC11BATTERY,STORAGEspan>Std. PS2200 tower series, includes harness. 55LB.6140015015993
PSRB30BATTERY,STORAGE Battery set for NEMA4 enclosure HX100-2, was telpower6140015016937
PSRBC-3030TPremium BATTERY SET for PS3300rm2u and PS3030T Gen.2 45Lb.pan>6140015100838
PSRBC8BATTERY,STORAGE PS6000 3u- fits variants, PS6000-1 , PS6000ISOA Std. Life 5 year 24Lb.6140015129887
PSRBC8HBATTERY,STORAGE high temp long lifespan>8-10 yr. version for PS6000 3u variants. Harness included. 24LB6140015129888
PSNPX35CELL,BATTERY Battery pack for PS3300LCS Flame retardent high temperature 10 yr. This does not use NPX35 cells.6140015205744
RBC17BATTERY,STORAGE forPS502-550G,span>PS502-650 (G)(G1), PS502-725,span>PS502-750 (G). Std. 3-5 year life 0+40°C6140015469413
PSRBC43BATTERY,STORAGE 3-5 yr. life PS6002rm2u, PS6003rm2u6140015504443
PSRBC43HBATTERY,STORAGE high temp long life (8-10 yr) version PS6002 PS6003rm2u6140015508083
PS6000-BPHBattery cabinet 2u x18"Deep with Premium long life cellspan>6140015553926
GXT2-9A72BATKITBATTERY,STORAGE PS3300rm2u GXT2 version (3-5 yr life)6140015619280
PSRBC55BATTERY,STORAGE 3-5 yr. PS6003rm5u, PS6005rm5u6140015628422
600-2100 /600-2100hBATTERY,STORAGE PS6000 in 3u size (see below) Long Life Gov now wants these as Premium High temp LL6140015654451
PS600-2100 /PS600-2100hBATTERY,STORAGE PS6000-3uspan>Long Life (8-10 year) extended temperature range6140015654451
PSRBC7HBATTERY,STORAGE Extended temp long life 10 yr. for series PS1503 & PS1504. Std replacement for PS1503h, PS1504h (-20 +50°C) Discharge to +60°C6140015764249
PSrbc3030T-Hpan>PSrbc33H Battery pack for PS3300LCS rev2-3. High temp long life (8-10 yr) (see below) ▼6140015767687
PSRBC3030T-HiTemp Should be called PSRBC33HHigh Temp Long life BATTERY PACK FOR PS3300LCS 3u only (see below)▼6140015767687
PSrbc33hHigh Temp Long life BATTERY PACK FOR PS3300LCS 3u only ▲6140015767687
PSNPX35FRBATTERY,STORAGE Long life (8-10 year) extended temp range for PS3300rm3u/ LCS (NPX35 cells are not used)6140015972684
PS3300RM-GDAIS-LCS-BPBATTERY,Cabinet includes Batteries- This has Split pack for powering 2 UPS with 1 cabinet 2u x24"D. Each UPS gets 1/2 tray of batteries.span>Mil connectors6140015972686
PSRBC3153-2UBATTERY, STORAGE Replacement battery cartridge for PS3150rm2u Gen3. aka PS3153. Includes connector and 5 year cells.pan>6140016182432
PSRBC-3153-2U-HBATTERY, STORAGEspan>High temp battery cartridge for PS3150rm2u Gen3. aka PS3153. Includes connector and 10span>year cells.span>(Long life version of above) ▲6140016182442
PSRBC117BATTERY, STORAGE Replacement battery cartridge for PS6003rm2uXL PS6002rm2uXL, PS6003rm2uSMX, PS6002rm2uSMX std. life 5 year. Includes harness and connector.pan>6140016187007
PS232CABLE ASSEMBLY,SPECIAL PURPOSE, DB9 to UPS for Computer (for PS6xxx units with DB9 on back)6150015343309
PSUSBCABLE ASSEMBLY,SPECIAL PURPOSE USB to UPS (for Computer) for PS6xxx series UPS6150015343322
PS502-550POWER SUPPLY,UNINTERRUPTIBLE. 550va 325W. Brick shaped. Shipboard 120VAC (4)5-15Battery Backup/ surge, & (4)5-15r Surge only protected. special $2006150016193931