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 Over 100 types of UPS...Powerstar, cage code 0zap8, custom and standard,shipboard rugged ups. Built to be the best, typically: mil 810f, 1399,901,167,461. army mil 810 (cage code {0zap8}  builds mission critical power products from surge suppressor,ups,                                                                    

Ten out of the top 10 Defense Contractors purchased from Powerstar Inc in the  Washington 100, purchase power products UPS  from Powerstar Inc.

NSN Listed standard products  and batteries  Powerstar Products and GOVERNMENT  8A VEHICLES  DLA

1993-2018 Current clientele includes Belgium,Australian Navy,Bahrain Navy  ,NETE Canadian Navy,USNavy,Esterline Barco,,,Belgium Navy,French Navy,Indian navy,DLA,USCG,Military Sealift Command,LMarines,Army,Canadian Defense,French Navy, Integraph,  AF, White House Communications,HII,BIW,DHS,Rockwell, UNICOR,nswc PANAMA CITY,General Dynamics, BIW,Defence Media, Electric Boat,BAE,Boeing Argon,CGI, , Northrop Grumman,,L-3,General Dynamics, Kampi, Lockheed, Raytheon,, Air Force, ITT ,DDL omni, SAIC,BAE, Dynalec, Honeywell, , DRS,USCG,Bechtel,LMCO, Johns Hopkins UnivAPL,U of Texas.  Jokell,Kampi, 

   Powerstar simply manufactures the best,the lowest TOC rugged military UPS for the military and homeland defense from .500 to 20kva.  Powerstar accepts Government Impact Credit Cards for open market orders for power and UPS Products  .  Powerstar has built power solutions for the government and commercial .  Powerstar has NSN numbers and mil certified 901 1399, 461 ,and 167 approved on assorted systems.


Powerstar UPS products are used for the White House/Air force One----all twelve of them.,USCG,mcm,MSC,ADMACS Block 2 Navy, Codblu, Moriah Wind FODMS,GEDMS,LCS,HUMVEE ,TOO Electric Boat,BIW,LMCO,GD-AIS,IRAQ, homeland  security, shipboard, satellite links, C4I command and control, at FAA air traffic controls, servers at 208v/120V, OSD,Deep Water,Litteral CS NECC,TPP,JTT,ADMACS, NAVSSI, liteGBS,Navy Arleigh Burke class destroyers,Marine Corp, FODMS,SSDS,Smart ship,DDG,Moriah Wind.Admacs,LCS, DDX, submarine , Newport Newport shipbuilding, Army  Cecom, CG47 standard class, Navy Tampa,CENTCOM QATAR, Military Sealift, PC Boats,Air Force Tampa, GBS, NECC, JTIDS,DDGps1504   with h option and mb option 1.5kva ups powerstar destroyer ddgmod,CVN,, Minesweeper, Damneck, Norfolk,high temperature apps , NEMA outdoors, engine control units,  Spawar headquarters in-house servers, USGS earthquake centers, submarines,National severe weather warning vehicles, payroll computers,medical, Tomahawk missile launchers, IMF global offices,  Macedonian joint operations centers,  and many other mission critical sites.  Barge certified . All smt and smx units now work without batteries.

Contact us if you have questions at  855-252-5253

 for customization also .

GD and  LCS

Moriah wind and Admacs

Some of our references include,  :

White House, EB ,UAV   ps6006 6kva Air Force One, all twelve of them

 Some of our partners include :

Marrintette Man,Austal,Electric Boat,Lockheed,,Northrop Grumman ,lmco, L-3,Raytheon, General Dynamics IT,BIW,Chugache,Bowhead, Vision BP,Jokell.Kampi , BIW, Ingalls,BAE, Amsec,Dynalec, CGI/Stanley,DDL omni,Dynalec, HII, Boeing

Powerstar Inc - Mission Critical Systems -cage code 0zap8- SAM registered

Powerstar INC 9073 Shady Grove ct - Gaithersburg, MD 20877 - 855-252-5253 or 301-948-0713            

small business, cage code 0zap8--   sam approved--- registered-- NSN numbers available here

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