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Powerstar: Leading the Way in Ruggedized UPS Solutions Since 1993

Powerstar is a respected American company with a proud history dating back to 1993. 

We specialize in the design and manufacturing of ruggedized uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) that cater to a wide range of industries, including commercial, military, and homeland defense sectors. 

With a commitment to quality and innovation, we proudly produce all our equipment in the United States, using high-quality components and cutting-edge technology.

Our Expertise in Ruggedized UPS Solutions:

  • Powerstar is a recognized leader in ruggedizing UPS units for shipboard power and vehicular applications.
  • Many of our units have successfully passed rigorous shock tests (MIL901D grade A), vibration tests (MIL167), and electrical tests conducted by the U.S. Navy and Army.
  • We take pride in constructing our chassis with 304-grade stainless steel, featuring fully welded seams to ensure rust resistance and anti-magnetic properties for sea-going applications.
  • Our commitment to safety is evident in many models, which include internal isolation transformers to eliminate shock hazards and reduce electrical noise.
  • Powerstar’s adaptability extends to international use, as we can customize units based on customer requests, tailoring solutions to meet unique requirements.

Versatile Applications:

Our rugged UPS products find applications in a wide range of critical environments, including:

  • Oil platforms and spars
  • Cruise ships and commercial vessels
  • Tugboats and yachts
  • Homeland security operations
  • Military systems such as GEDMS/FODMS, ADMACS, COBLU, SSDS, GBS, NECC, JTIDS, ADNS, shipboard satellite links, and more.
  • Government installations, including the White House communications infrastructure and C4I command and control centers.
  • FAA air traffic control facilities
  • Blade servers and smart ship OSDs

Our Collaborations:

Powerstar’s engineers have collaborated closely with industry leaders such as L-3, Northrop Grumman, General Dynamics, Electric Boat, Newport News Shipbuilding, Lockheed, and Boeing.

This partnership has resulted in the development of cutting-edge products designed to meet the most demanding requirements.

Trusted by Diverse Customers:

Our clientele includes esteemed organizations like the U.S. Army SARSS, Army CECOM, Navy Tampa, CENTCOM Qatar, Military Sealift Command, Air Force Tampa, USCG, Inmarsat, Damneck, SPAWAR headquarters, USGS Earthquake Centers, National Severe Weather Warning vehicles, and many other mission-critical sites. 

Our equipment supports vital functions such as payroll processing, medical equipment operation, Tomahawk missile launch systems, IMF global offices, Macedonian Joint Operations Centers, and more.

Comprehensive Product Range:

In addition to our rugged UPS solutions, Powerstar offers a variety of products and accessories, including:

  • Outdoor enclosures with integrated UPS systems
  • Low-cost shipboard UPS units
  • High-performance, long-life replacement battery packs for our UPS units
  • Isolation transformers
  • Voltage converters
  • Auto-voltage sensing UPS units suitable for global use
  • Accessories like fan and keyboard trays, as well as rack-mount kits

Compliance and Quality Assurance:

All Powerstar products are designed to meet stringent military specifications and adhere to UL and FCC standards, ensuring the highest level of quality and safety.

Convenient Ordering:

To facilitate ease of procurement, Powerstar accepts commercial credit cards and Government Impact Credit Cards for open-market orders of power and UPS products.

Join us in our mission to provide reliable power solutions for the most demanding environments.

Powerstar: Where Innovation Meets Reliability.”


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