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Powerstar takes a different approach to the design of UPS to our market. Powerstar makes Rugged and Shipboard to meet mil standards with mil connectors and now we make shallow depth to your order usin g mil 1399.mil 167, 901,461 approvals.

All of our ups use common components. apc or liebert. All cannon ms-31xx connector use a hot 60v, b ground delta c neutral 60v= 120volts,shipboard or shore

Shallow Depth—18 inch We integrate the best custom to our client requirements. In general, this keeps the VALUE of the product fair. It keeps our UPS outfront in specs and uses mil standards as a guideline to our development. As example the PS6000 has been delivered for 20 Years in one form or other, while constantly being upgraded to new features. While keeping the price lower and specs better. .

Shallow Depth——–Look at the output ratings on our products and mil approvals. The output rating on a 6kva 3kva, 2.2kva and 1.5 kva has gone way up while the price has remained relatively the same. U can plug in more devices, is the benefit to you. The PS502 line allows U to have more protection and adds battery backup to your shipboard surge suppressor.We have stategically added power distribution units as needed. The 6kva ups can support a 4200 watt load at 3u racksize. While we continue to add shallow depth rackmount ups to our line for those users that need it and want it. The R&D of this is expensive so we keep the price down and the VALUE up.

Shallow Depth———-Unlike our competitors that stick you with old technology foreign manufacturers, Powerstar continues to reign supreme in the spec war that drives our business. Look at the output watts you can use! While keeping the standard mil connectors/and isolation transformers , Such as the ms series from ITT CANON,Bendix in use for your cabling ease of use.

Now the other issue is ease of use software. We Make it easy by not modying to use APC and Liebert shutdown software, while accomodating the custom AEGIS software from BOEING. Powerstar supports you five-ten years later, while other vendors drop the service. Made in the USA and serviced here too..

The other consideration is discontinuance of product by manufacturer. historically Powerstar has handled this problem but as the line grow we need more input from clients to keep working on getting the proper solution to your needs.

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