PS6003rm5u           855-252-5253

Shallow depth 3000VA UPS 19.5” deep

NSN registered. 2700 watts output

Line Interactive type UPS wired for Shipboard Delta power as per US Navy requirements

Input dual pole circuit breaker Front mount-No fuses rear mounted CB available

Auto Boost and Trim voltage trim without using


Smart UPS tests itself and batteries periodically Auto restart after a full run upon utility restoration Cold Start capable

Hot swappable batteries out the front panel- but if

runtime is insufficient, add on additional 2-3-5u battery trays as shown in photo (UP TO 4 ADD-ONS XL) Large basic battery pack with large runtime

Output Power Capacity 2700 Watts / 3000 VA Nominal Output Voltage 120V

Output Voltage Distortion Less than 5% at full load

Output Frequency (sync to mains) 47 - 53 Hz for 50 Hz nominal, 57 - 63 Hz for 60 Hz nominal

Crest Factor up to 5: 1

Waveform Type Sine wave

EMI Filters and EMI gasketing may be added to the standard model as an option.

Master Bypass switch for connecting input power directly to output ports is an option –MB.

Ready for additional remotely mounted battery trays with connector on back

This can be a 5u x 1rack mount unit with a rail kit (included) or can be set vertically as a tower –it is


Output Connections (standard);  Call for Military style connectors.



(9) NEMA 5-15R                                                                                                                    (2) NEMA 5-20R




Output Connections -optional    L5-30R (contact us for other connections)


Nominal Input Voltage 120V

Input Frequency 50/60 Hz +/- 3 Hz (auto sensing)

Input Connections NEMA L5-30P                                                                                                            Cord Length 8 feet (2.44 meters)

Input voltage range for main operations 82 - 144V


Input voltage adjustable range for mains operation 75 - 154V Transfer Time 2-4 ms (less than 1/8 of cycle)


Batteries & Runtime

Battery Type Maintenance-free sealed Lead-Acid battery with suspended electrolyte: leak proof

Typical recharge time 3 hour(s)

Replacement Battery PSRBC55 (high temperature long life batteries available for this unit- PSrbc55h)


Typical Backup Time at Half Load 17.0 minutes (1350 Watts)

Typical Backup Time at Full Load 5.0 minutes (2700 Watts) Typical Backup Time at 850 Watts= 31 minutes




PS6003-5uxlBP (slope B on Chart is PS6003rm5uxl UPS and 1 additional BP) Typical Backup Time at Half Load 1 hour 4 minutes (1350 Watts) Typical Backup Time at Full Load 31 minutes (2700 Watts) Typical Backup Time at 900 Watts= 1hour 59 minutes

(Chart shows A=UPS alone, C=UPS+ (2ea.) PS6003-5uxlBP, D=3 Additional trays, etc.)

Additional 5u battery pack 19”deep (167 lb)



Interface Port(s)

1ea. DB-9 RS-232, & (1) SmartSlot

Available SmartSlot™ Interface is used for for SNMP Network

card PS9617/PS9630 or other dry contact interface ) These cards use the well known Powerchute®

software. Remote temperature and Humidity sensing Network card is also available.


Control panel

LED status display with load and battery bar-graphs and On Line: On Battery: Replace Battery: and

Overload Indicators

Audible Alarm -Alarm when on battery: distinctive low battery alarm: configurable delays

Emergency Power Off (EPO) port and connector



Surge energy rating 480 Joules

Filtering- Full time multi-pole noise filtering: 0.3% IEEE surge let-through: zero clamping response time:

meets UL 1449



Maximum Height 7.70 inches (196 mm)

Maximum Width 17.00 inches (196 mm) Maximum Depth 19.8 inches (503 mm) Rack Height 5U

Net Weight 140 lbs. (63.6 kg)

Shipping Weight 182.00 lbs. (82.7 kg) Shipping Height 15.00 inches

Shipping Width 30.00 inches Shipping Depth 22 inches Color Black


Mounting rails included for rack mounting


Operating Environment

32 - 104 °F (0 - 40 °C)  (battery dependant) This can be wider range with our High temp batts.

Operating Relative Humidity 0 - 95%

Operating Elevation 0-10000 feet (0-3000 meters)

Storage Temperature 5 - 113 °F (-15 - 45 °C) Storage Relative Humidity 0 - 95%

Storage Elevation 0-50000 feet (0-15000 meters) Audible noise at 1 meter from surface of unit 53.00 dBA Online Thermal Dissipation-305 BTU /hr

2 year warranty on parts and Labor


OPTIONS Available

PS6003rm5u-H Same as above with Long Life Extended temperature range battery pack. Expect twice the life on this battery pack as compared to our standard pack.


PS6003rm5u-MB Master Bypass switch added. The Master Bypass switch is a rotary switch with indicator lamps showing its position. The MB switch bypasses the input power directly to the outlets- thus bypassing the entire UPS and electronics in case of catastrophic failure of the UPS. Only the main input circuit breaker is left in line with the AC MAINS.


PS6003rm5u-MIL This unit has (1) MS3102E22-2p input power connector & (8)MS3102R16-10s outlet sockets (northrop)


PS6003rm5u-9617 Adds on SNMP Ethernet Network card. Also known as PS6003rm5u-9630


PS6003rm5u Bremerton Northrop contains MB master bypass, and (1) MS3402d18-11p input, (1)MS3402d20-4s, (1)MS3402d20-4sw


PS6003rm5u 6130015114949 Adds SNMP PS9630 card & 2 EMI filters for input and output power lines and also contains EMI Gasketing on the cabinet.


Ps6003RM5U-cvn 6130015308753 Adds MB switch and (1)MS3402d18-11p Input, (1)MS3402d20-4s, (1)MS3402d20-4sw (outputs) as used on the CVN


Powerstar Inc. 800-209-5556,


PS6003rm5u with standard connectors