Description: C:\Documents and Settings\tim.carr\My Documents\Powerstar Photos\UPS photos\PS502-750 6130015468885.jpgPowerstar Inc. PS502-750g Shipboard UPS 120VAC 450W capacity designed for Delta power shipboard use at an affordable price. NSN registered and in wide use across US Navy ships. A USB cable is provided and will connect to your PC. Newer Windows based PCs (XP and newer) already come loaded with drivers for this UPS so installation is really plug and play.  We also have a Premium high-temp battery available with an 8-10 year life. The PS502-750g has an environmentally sensitive tough polymer case. The PS502-750g also includes transient surge suppressors built in to protect your loads.  Also F connector (coaxial cable/satellite TV) and Telco/RJ45 protectors are included and surge suppressed.


PS502-750g has 10 outlets. 5 of them are battery backed UPS. The other 5 are surge suppressed.

 Here is what makes this unit stand out however.  This unit has a Unique "green feature". One of the battery backed outlets is labeled "Master Control". You plug your PC in to this one. Then if your PC goes into a sleep or hibernation mode, the other 3 "Controlled" outlets will shut down. So with a printer or sound system or monitor or router plugged into the "Controlled" outlets, they will also power down- thus reducing your current drain when your computer is not in use. If your PC awakens, so do the other outlets. This is an awesome concept in lower priced products. Note: Master Control is easy to disable if not needed. Runtime for this unit @ 225W is 11 minutes / Full load (450W@ 2.5 minutes) see chart below

Add to this one of our optional Premium Long Life (up to 10 years), high temperature (+50°C steady state) batteries and you will have a nice long life on that shipboard PC or computer or any electronic gear.

We deliver in less than 30 days from our East coast factory.

·         Field shipboard proven, reliable, small modular design, delta power for shipboard use, dual breaker for shipboard usage.

·         120v input VAC with overload resettable double pole toggle circuit breaker on both UPS and Surge protected outlets;  Input range of  88-139V to stay on AC MAINS

·         Dimensions 3.5” h x 7.1”w x 13.5”d – Weight=10.5Lb. - Shipping weight=13Lb.

·         6 ft. power cord  (1.83m) NEMA 5-15p

·         47-63hz UL approved FCC Part 15 Class B, FCC Part 68, NOM, UL 1778

·         Stepped sine wave on output while in battery mode

·         Surge IEEE C62.41 category A: 354 Joules, Full time multi-pole noise filtering : 5% IEEE surge let-through : zero clamping response time : meets UL 1449

·         Powerful MOV surge and spike firewall protection isolates spikes

·         Audible Alarms for "On Battery", "Low Battery- replace" and a continuous tone "Overload"

·         Includes Software CD-ROM if your PC doesn’t already know about UPS units. (XP and Vista will detect the UPS when connected via USB and install the Windows drivers)

·         Option for toggle alarm enable/silence

·         Operating temp range -30°C+60°C with optional Premium high-temp batteries

·         Standard battery rated 32°to 104°F (0°C +40°C)

·         12V 8 amp/hr battery: No maintenance sealed lead acid with suspended electrolyte; Leak proof

·         Rugged quick release panel for battery removal on bottom 

·         FAA CFR 49 approved for shipping (non-hazardous)

·         USB interface , Cable included for PC interface

·         47 BTU while online;  96% efficiency at full load

·         Black hardened polymer shell will withstand scratches, abuse and fire

·         Extensive self maintenance manual, and user manual included

·         Powerchute® popular shutdown software and USB cable come standard

·         Powerstar Express service 800 number phone support 800-209-5556

·         Options; Mil Spec circular input and output connectors and enclosed in an aluminum rack mount case (PDU)

·         Why buy a surge suppressor when you can get a UPS?

·         NSN 6130015468885 meets US Navy shipboard requirements

·         2 year limited warranty parts and labor by Powerstar

·         Made in USA   US small business, CCR registered, DUNS: 82-722-4320 CAGE 0ZAP8

Description: PS502-750 runtime chart.JPG