Shipboard UPS Powerstar(the Best) vs. APC  new                 


Powerstar Inc. expands in the APC lineup of Smart-UPS for Shipboard use  with  more options,and they are stainless steel from Powerstar..  APC offers a limited lineup of X93 style units.  Powerstar builds most any of the other land based APC units into a Ruggedized and/or Shipboard version inclluding the surta version, the smt version and the smx version.  Powerstar has been building shipboard versions of APC units since 1993. We have thousands out there. We ruggedize units to meet the shock and vibration requirements of the Naval environment including mil 901,167,461, and mil 1399.  You can get APC electronics engineered Motherboards for reliability and use the Powerchute software non-customized for your Naval or rugged terrestrial needs.   We have now added the new SMX and SMT rackmount series. 


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From the APC website:      x-93 shipboard power ups     cage code 0zap8

Safely Launch Shipboard Electronics with Smart-UPS. The Naval Safety Center reports most commercial electric equipment is unsuitable for use in the Navy's ungrounded shipboard power system (Ref: COMNAVSAFECEN NORFOLK VA 280836FEB94). As the market leader in the UPS industry, American Power Conversion decided to resolve the safety issue, and develop the Smart-UPS Shipboard Series. This is a modified COTS (commercial-off-the-shelf) UPS specifically designed to operate safely aboard ships and submarines. NSWCCD-SSES Philadelphia tested this unit to ensure it met all the navy shipboard electrical safety standards. Additionally, this unit meets DC resistance requirements IAW NSTM Chapter 300 and MIP 3000. (NAVSURFWARCEN 151800ZNOV94)

The Smart-UPS Shipboard Series includes a double-pole circuit breaker that will protect lines from overload and a double-pole power switch to insure the attached load is completely removed from the input power lines. These are necessary because a ship generates Delta power causing both power lines to be "hot". 

Powerstar Inc. supplies:

·         Built in Isolation transformers on optional units

·         304 grade Stainless steel chassis (fully welded corners with countersunk panel screws built by American Craftsmen)optional

·         Additional shock and vibration hardening  mil 901

·         Independent Laboratory Tested units for Mil-STD-901D grade A, Mil-STD-167, Mil-STD-1399, Mil-STD-461, MIL 810F etc.  thru nulabs , a navy test lab.

·         Powerstar does not add a switch to the output power; eliminating a possible failure point in the APC X93 design.

·         Powerstar offers Premium extended temperature range, long life batteries (up to double the life of APC cells) and the Xseries.. These cells have been tested and accepted by SPAWAR.

·         Military Specification  thread-on connectors like the MS3102 for input and output connections

·         Shock tested circuit breakers rated to over 120G.  These can be front mounted on many units with Government approved finger guards.

·         Specially designed cabinets for tough size limits imposed on the engineers. For example our PS6003 2+2 3KVA only 18” deep or our PS6000-1 15” deep 1.5KVA UPS,shallow depth

·         Don’t need full ruggedization but better than COTS? We can build to MIL-STD-901D grade B as well. We can supply standard units that can surpass the grade B requirement. These are great for mounting in Shock absorbing racks.

·         Powerstar also uses the Liebert brand UPS for the PS3xxx series. These True-online UPS offer superior efficiency specs for Double conversion designs.  We can ruggedize their existing package and modify for Shipboard use or use their electronics in a fully ruggedized and specially shielded Powerstar exclusive chassis as the PS3300LCS or PS3300Elgar. The Elgar is a unit wired to be used with a Elgar PDU as used in COBLU. 

inaddition, powerstar makes or adds master-bypass switches

PowerStar shipboard  Model

version:APC Products

APC Part Number

Powerstar Differences

PS502-550,650,750, 850va  shipboard ups


PS2201SS v2 OR PS3200RM2u RUGGED

ES550.650.750,850va no shipboard ups



APC SMART-UPS 2000VA RM 3U 120V VERSION  1400W output MIL901D-A ; No USB





Powerstar adds the xe-16 battery to the Ps502 making it great for surveillance cameras. Powerstar has many 1980W output offerings, the SU2200 offers but 1400W; We offer the newest electronics design MB, Premium battery upgrades & offer optional Mil Spec connectors; Our PS2201SS Hull mount tower is MIL-STD901D-A tested & can come with a mounting foundation. It also comes with stainless steel louvered cover. The PS3200 is a True Online version also with an 1800W output and can be installed in a 3u stainless chassis and ruggedized to Grade A specs.

PS1503 H-MB v2 or standard PS1504

No direct offering to compare; These are not built for High impact shock nor have Mil connectors. SU700X93 or SUA1500X93  The SMT1500 is not offered in a Shipboard version by APC.  powerstar has mil 901,167 quals and maintenance bypass with 10-12 year battery life


Powerstar offers MIL-STD-901D-A,mil 167 tested version with Mil connectors with optional (H) 8-12 year batteries and optional Master Bypass switch and with previous or Next Gen Electronics. The PS1504 uses Powerstar Shipboard conversion of the Next Gen SMT1500including lcd english display


APC does not offer the SUM1500 in Shipboard ready version.  High efficiency rack mount 2u that will accept battery packs for increased runtime. APC also offers the SMX1500rm2u. Not shipboard ready.

SUM1500 or SMX1500 or surt1500

We offer the Shipboard Ready versions of these units. 1425W output with the capability of additional battery cabinets. Rack/tower. Premium batteries and additional ruggedization available. PS6000rm2uXL is our version of the SMX1500

PS2201v2 OR PS3200RMrm3u

Global Deployment.  APC SMART-UPS 2200VA RM 3U 120V/230V IN 120V OUT   Rated at 1600W. Connect to 120V or 230V input with 120V output 16.4 minutes@1000W. Not shipboard ready.


Shipboard Ready. 1980W output power.  Manual or Automatic Voltage Selection (optional) . Powerstar also has 1.5KVA and 3KVA units available for Global use.  Long Life batteries (8-10 year) available.  PS2201 has 23 minutes @1000W. Powerstar can add this Glups Global UPS feature to many of its lineup. Please call to inquire.

PS6003 2+2v2 OR PS6003RM 5U

APC SMART-UPS 3000VA RM 5U 120V SHIPBOARD  2250WATT. 17.75” deep


Powerstar supplies 2700w output power. The 2+2 is 18” deep. The 2+2 can be built to Grade A spec.  Uses separate battery tray(s).  Our PS6003rm5u 19”Deep also does 2700W and is the Next Gen circuitry vs. SU3000.


 SMX3000rmLV2u 2850 watt- not Shipboard Ready from APC


Powerstar offers this unit in a Shipboard Ready version.  Powerstar can ruggedize and use Premium long life batteries. Mil Spec connectors available.




APC SMART-UPS 700VA W/AUTO SELECT INPUT VOLTAGE 120V/230V IN 120V OUT Small tower for Global Deployment. Not shipboard ready.


Powerstar offers a Auto Voltage detecting power input and selects the proper tap making it soldier proof. Our units will also operate on board ships safely.


APC SMART-UPS 700VA 120V SHIPBOARD 450W capacity small tower, LED indicators for status. This unit is 2 generations older than the Powerstar unit.


Powerstar offers the Next Gen Series UPS with 500W capacity, LCD text display showing Status, increased efficiency, Premium Long Life Cells, optional connectors.

PS6000RM 3UMIL 901,167

PS6000-1 3U MIL 901,167


APC SMART UPS 1500VA RM 2U 120V W/ L5-15P  This is not a shipboard ready unit


Powerstar offers the PS6000 in both 2u and 3u versions & all are shipboard ready. Our PS6000isoA is a Shock /Vibration qualified unit with Isolation Transformer.  We also offer it without the Isolation as a PS6000-1.  A lightly ruggedized Shipboard unit is the PS6000rm2u.  We can build with a variety of connectors including L5-15.

PS6000-3U MIL 901,167


APC SMART UPS 1500VA, 120V, RACK MOUNT 2U, USB, WITH AP9617  This is not a shipboard ready unit. This is an SUA1500 with Ethernet.  NEMA 5-15 only


Powerstar offers a shipboard version of this unit and includes an SNMP Ethernet card and the Powerchute™ software and mounting rail kit.  Multiple in/out connectors available.


APC SMART -UPS 1500VA RM 2U 120V SHIPBOARD  NEMA 5-15 only. Not ruggedized


 Powerstar PS6000rm2u is a ruggedized version of the next generation unit with higher efficiency and LCD Text status front panel.  Powerstar can offer a variety of input and output connectors.

PS1502 OR PS1503MIL 901,167 or PS1504

APC SMART UPS 1500 VA 120V USB WITH ALARM DISABLED X413 Short tower with Audio alarms disabled. Not shipboard Ready. Not Ruggedized.  NEMA 5-15 only


Powerstar offers many Shipboard ready versions of this unit depending on your required level of ruggedization. Alarm disabled needs to be requested at time of order.  Multiple in/out connectors available.

PS1502 OR PS1503MIL 901,167 or PS1504

APC SMART-UPS 1500VA USB & SERIAL 120V WITH AP9619 INSTALLED  Short tower with Ethernet card installed  X448 Not ruggedized, not Shipboard Ready NEMA 5-15 only


Powerstar offers many Shipboard ready versions of this unit depending on your required level of ruggedization. Multiple Ethernet cards available including cards with Dry Contact input and output closures.  Multiple in/out connectors available.

PS1502 OR PS1503 or PS1504

APC SMART-UPS 1500VA USB 120V SHIPBOARD Short Tower, Not ruggedized,  NEMA 5-15 only, Standard battery offering only, built with X93 shipboard wiring.


Powerstar offers a similar unit using the Next Generation SMT series with improved Efficiency. Powerstar can offer long life batteries, Ruggedization all the way to MIL-std-901d-A Stainless steel, louvered housing, mounting foundation, multiple in/out connections. Powerstar PS1503 is in use on Navy ship Radar and GEDMS.

PS6003RM5U or PS6003RM2U or PS3300LCS

APC has only the 5U tall SU3000x93 Rated at 2250W. Previous generation Electronics. No Battery options, No connector options, less output capacity.


Powerstar offers many 3KVA /2700W units. The PS6003rm2u is a 3KVA unit and can be ruggedized to MIL810F standards.  Multiple in/out connections available. Our PS3300 is a 3u fully ruggedized & aboard the LCS and COBLU. Powerstar also has Tower versions available.

PS6003RM2U-9630 or PS6003rm2uXL-9630

APC SMART-UPS 3000VA USB 120V WITH AP9617 INSTALLED  This is not Shipboard Ready,  Power outlets fixed to NEMA plugins.  No LCD text status display.


Powerstar offers a similar unit with Shipboard Safe power wiring. Order the SNMP card PS9630 or order SNMP with Environmental (temp and humidity) sensing PS9631. We offer the SMT version 3KVA or the SMX (XL extended runtime) in Shipboard ready with Mil Spec connectors if needed. Both offer LCD text status display.

PS6003 2+2 18” Deep with a 2 piece design

APC SMART UPS SUA3000rm2u is 26” Deep. Not shipboard ready no ruggedization. SUA3000rm5u not shipboard ready and is taller.


Mil-std-901D grade A, MIL-std-167, and MIL-std 461 tested. 3KVA in a very small box. Electronics tray is in a 2u x18”D box. Battery cabinets are 2uX18”D also. Daisy chain on additional cabinets for runtime. Battery cabinets can be located 20ft. away from electronics.

PS502-550,650 OR PS502-750

550, BE650G or BE750G Smaller brick shaped UPS great for PCs. Plug in USB and Windows will recognize and install drivers.  Not Shipboard ready though.  3-5 year life battery only. Low cost

 BE750G or BE650G

Powerstar offers these low cost $ units with Shipboard Ready wiring and circuit breaker. Powerstar also offers a low cost battery upgrade to our Premium cell (8-10 year life@ 25°C). No connector upgrades. International 230V version available. 

Ps6000,PS6002,Ps6003 smt -120 all powerstar smt 1500,2000,3000 rackmount the smt line of apc with shipboard power


SURTD6000rmXLp3u 6KVA,4200 watt true online with wide input voltage range and both 120V and 220V output. Not Shipboard Ready. Great unit with 4200W out.


Powerstar offers this unit and its variants with our Shipboard Ready wiring conversion with Ruggedization as well. Optional outlets available.


10KVA APC   Great high power unit with the ability to add more battery cabinets However,   shipboard ready. No ruggedization, no connector options except 10 kva mil conn. and ruggedization


Powerstar offers this unit or its variants with Shipboard ready wiring /protection.  Ruggedization and connector and Premium battery options available.