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USS Murphy
Uninterruptible Power Supply
Uninterruptible Power Supply Energizer Bunny

Many of our UPS are powered by Energizer batteries

Rackmount or Tower (UPS)

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Powerstar uninterruptible power supply (UPS) have become a valuable and important addition to  ships all over the world. Major cruise lines, such as Princess cruise lines, the US Navy, and US-allied navies equip their power systems with Powerstar UPS equipment. Many of our applications are powered by Energizer batteries. Take a look at our products here. 

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Industry Leaders

Industry Leaders

Power Star Inc. specializes in ruggedized power units for shipboard and vehicular use, meeting MIL901D, MIL810F and MIL167 standards of the US Navy and Army.

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Rugged UPS

Rugged UPS

Power Star provides rugged UPS products for various industries, including oil rigs, cruise ships, tug boats, yachts, Homeland Security, and shipboard communications systems.

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Mission Critical

Mission Critical

Our equipment is used for payroll computers, medical equipment, Tomahawk missile launchers, IMF global offices, and many other mission-critical sites.

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Power Star Inc. manufactures the best rugged militarized UPS for commercial, military, and homeland defense.

Using only high-quality motherboards

U.S Navy Ship
Military Ships
Ruggedized units for US Navy and US-allied navies
Aircraft Carrier



Utility Ships
Homeland Security, shipboard satellite links

Uninterruptible Power Supply cruise ship powerstar inc ups

Cruise ships, tug boats, yachts, payroll computers, medical equipment.

Our UPS have isolation transformers that protect sailors from shock injuries

 The isolation transformer also prevents electromagnetic interference from affecting lines. These isolation transformers are invaluable when it comes to protecting sailors on ships gleaming.

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In business since 1993 and all of our manufacturing  is in the United States


Powerstar Warranty

“All of our UPS come with a two year warranty (parts and labor) and two years on Hitemp and Longlife. If you need more, just ask and we can get you up to six years.”

Jerry Carr

CEO @ Powerstar Inc

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