cage code 0zap8 shallow depth ups                             Shallow Depth UPS 2018

We make or will make shallow depth,18 inch depth, UPS. We also make the  ups ub want:

2kva 1800 watts 19" depth  PS3200rm2u  optional isotran 2kva
3kva 2+2 2700watt output 18" depth  built for EB ps6003rm4u 18 inch depth
3kva 3u ps3300 rm 2700 watts out with iso  22 inches
1.5kva 1050 watt 15" deep  tower  ps6000-1
3kva 19 inch depth tower/rack
Tower units with 500va to 3kva towers with foundations  502-xxx
ps6003rm5u 2700 w output  19" depth  5u 19 inch
ps6000-1 1.5kva 15 inch depth
ps6000-iso grade a  20 inch depth
ps502 9 inch
What else would you like to see? We do standard customs!
All are 19 inch rack and we will put your label on it if yoiu ask.. if you ask. most are mil approved and we clientize apc and liebert. ups gxt3 and 4
ps6100 1kva 16 inch depth
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