PS6003 2+2 3kva 2700  watt output Shallow Depth 18 inches                  NSN NO. ph 855-252-5253


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SPECIFICATIONS of the ps6003 2+2 Built  by APC/OEM to mil 1399,901,167,461 approved by L3,  new version based on the smt.  LCD english language

  • 2 separate rack units- each 3.5"x17"x18" (88x432x458) ~66lb. (29kg.) each piece
  • Stainless steel case on electronics tray made in USA
  • (6) L5-15, (2) L5-20 receptacles, Military connectors ms31xx or IEC optional
  • 864va/hr from each tray- add up to 3 more 2u trays. Simple plug in.
  • 22 minute runtime for half load from 1 battery tray. Add more!
  • 3000VA /2700 watts @.9 power factor- quite powerful for its size.
  • Switchover time is faster  than your power supply needs. UPS - 2 ms.
  • Micro processor controlled Smart UPS cycle tests itself and its batteries every 2 weeks
  • LCD and audible alarms and monitor indicators on front panel
  • SNMP Ethernet connections if you like, monitor many UPS from a console.
  • Uses industry standard Powerchute software
  • Field replaceable batteries- we have High temp batteries if you need them. up to 60dc and 10-12 year life
  • Buck/ boost voltage auto adjustments on the output without the inverter engaging.
  • Noise and spike dampening on the input line. Surge rated 480 Joules
  • Dual pole circuit breakers for Delta power ships
  • A common use for the 2+2 is power for a Blade server. 120c208v
  • The Powerstar 2+2 aka. the PS6003RM-4u-18--- NSN listed
  • runs Powerchute shutdown network software straight
  • ethernet option 100bt and Powerchute

...Been designed to Rock N' Roll!.Shallow depth 18 inches.. Designed for Submarines, but can solve any problem where shallow depth space is an issue. The 2+2 two piece design allows the battery pack to be located where its cool for long life and it has an eighteen 18 inch depth. Or where you have room left! Made in USA from stainless steel, its sturdy too. Delta wiring if shipboard. The standard unit is solid but our NEW MIL-S-901D, mil 1399, 167, 461 2+2 can handle all the shock and vibe you can dish up. Whether in a boiler room or onboard a Nuclear Sub, the 2+2 can take it. Add up to 3 trays for LONG runtimes. With each section only 3.5"x17"x18"D and plenty of output connectors, this unit has solved many space issues. Add a Powerstar enclosed transformer and supply both 120 and 220 devices with the same UPS. Powerstar has an engineering staff waiting to help you with your special needs. We can build them for Europe too. Contact them for "no hassle" help with your power requirements. East and West coast engineers available. We have units that have passed stand alone Mil testing. We specialize in ruggedized UPS for Naval and Land use. We have been building UPS for the military services since 1993. Find a sales engineer or contact Powerstar. contact us  800-209-5556

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