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BIW has been shipped a used ps1503 ups and paid

Motorola is buying 32 shipboard 1kva gxt4 ravkmounts

GDIT  ordered 5 ps1504  or their navy clients

Dynalec  has ordered anothe ps6003rn 5u shallow depth

GDIT has just purchased for the  ps3200rm2u  ,18 each, ,shipboard, andCVN78 two ps6003rm2uxl with battery pack in norfolk go to power.html

BCI has just ordered 11 2kva ps3204rm2u at $2375 ups as a follow up to 7 they ordered in january

CMF ,bonnie, is now a reseller for ps2201 ups for admacs,moriah


unisource exports to canada navy  ps3300rm.  they ordered 2 more ups

gd-ais has clarified ther purchase or to powerstar for the jhsv to be gxt-3000 ups instead of gxt-4 for 125000

USCG has purchased a new ps1504 ups

GDIT has ordered 18 ps3200rm2u 2kva ups for their navy client

mercom has just purchased for the navy in charleton sc two ps6000

powerstar can send you any MSDS or SDS for any battery we use.  just call us

the Navy in pearl harbor has procured a ps6000rm2u and SRC has given powerstar a followon order for a ps6000rm2u

Lockheed Martin just order 10 more LCS upsmodel ps1503h-mb for lcs navy usage totalling over 50k

Naval Media in norfolk  juet purchased 2 ps6000 rm

Powerstar has added ps-502-850va  that now has a usb  charger builtin and 850va  and it is shipboard around $399

Powerstar now sells pure lead tin batteries that have a 2year shelf life at 80degree C. take a look at batteries.  many features that help you!

Colsa has ordered 6 ps3200 for the Navy

Kampi  has ordered $16000 in rbc7x batteries HITEMP LONGLIFE

Better Design of Tempe arizona just bought 10 ps6003rm2uxl with a 9630 ethernet card for a navy MSC program

The US Navy through DLA has just ordered 10 ps1504h-mb  for navy usage at $32000
Mansion Tech just ordered 4 ps6000 for Defense Media navy
Dynalec, a Navy prime, was just shipped a ps6003rm shallow depth
MSCNavy just ordered 3 ps3300rm for the joint high speed vehicle (jhsv)
En-net of maryland has ordered 8 ps6003 rm lv for the Mliitary Sealift Commmand

Kampi got an order for 40 of the following:
NSN: 6140-01-628-0216
GOV CON: SPE7L717P4294
 Aegis Missile Defense system--- we hope has chosen the apc 850 va ups  called the be850  , to do their job.  we will be buying two prototypes for the aegis system

DFAS columbus  has ordererd 16 ps3300rm for navy usage at $138000

BIW has just ordered 2 ps1503-wob-refurb for the ddg 115 at $3200 each

Beck Electric  in florida  sold two ps2201 2.2 kva  to the navy

Empire Manufacturing sold HII a PS6006 ups for UAV monitoring  6kva v thanks

L3 Maritime in Ayer Mass. just purchased some ps6000 ups with ethernet and temp monitoring kit

Quality Performance inc  has ordered 4 PS2201 for Moriah Wind at $6300 apiece.

Govsmart has ordered 1
0 ps6003rm with battery pack  for the military sealift command

Unisource for the canadian navy,has ordered 6 ps3300 with one battery pack for the Canadian Navy

GDIT has purchased PS3200 2kva stainless steel,  premium batteries, 19 inch depth ups at $3900.
with the 9631 ehternet temperature monitoring

owerstar ps502-750 is going to a new box wih the following dimensions  12.9 inches x5.5 inchx 4.1 inc.  the original box  is 3.4inch x 7.09 inches 9.04 inches  . the total va is 850va old box is 750va.  the price remains same.  We can deliver ps502-750 until supply lasts.  call sales if you need to forecast it

The Canadian government has ordered 14 ps3300-lcs with isotrans,2700 watts through Unisource for Navy usage

HII builds destroyers and we repair them, so they just sent us 19 ups to be upgraded and repaired.

BAE Systems has ordered 20 more
PS6000rm-iso shipboard rev2 at $3209 each. 

QPI Quality performance inc  has ordered 7 more PS2201 to go with their ADMACS/andor Moriah  requirement

DLA has ordered ps3300rm

Boeing Argon  has just order 8 ps6003rm 2u for their DDG program. they use a mil 461 adaptor.

mil 461 -Boeing has qualified/certified a Powerstar 6003rm  for mil 461 usage of an astrodyne board in the unit

Expertbuy has been shipped ps6000 that are NATO certified rugged ,like mil 810f they have more to go

BAE ordered 1 ps6000 for security usage

GDIT ordered 2 ps6003rm4u for navy philly 

Powerstar 6003 2/2  3kva 2700 watt output

Dynalec has ordered another ps6003rm4u

Jokell has just purchased a ps6006rm with options for HII for sub work

Hexagon/Intergragth has ordered ps3300 -r variation,  mil 461 for naval usage

Expertbuy a disty for Barco,and then Esterline, bought 18
ps6000 mi
l std 810f for french NATO navy usage