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the ps1503h-mb  has been modified by change the transformer to be f/f/f  the same as the old one so it is usable now

GD-ms has just ordered 6 more ps3300rm-lcs

We are just finishing our new ps1504 with new transformer and builtin maintenance bypsss switch.  toggle switch. it should be done this week. navy usage.  1.5kva

Quality Performace inc has ordered 3 more PS2201 ups at $6300 each

DLA just ordered 8 more ps3300 spare ps3300rm rev4 at $8000 ups defense logistics agency

Motorola is buying 32 shipboard 1kva gxt4 rackmounts of various sizes all liebert true online from 500va to 3kva for shipboard motorola product

GDIT  ordered 5 ps1504  or their navy clients

Dynalec  has ordered anothe ps6003rn 5u shallow depth

GDIT has just purchased for the  ps3200rm2u  ,18 each, ,shipboard, andCVN78 two ps6003rm2uxl with battery pack in norfolk go to power.html

BCI in new jersey,has just ordered 11 2kva ps3204rm2u at $2375 ups as a follow up to 7 they ordered in january

CMF ,bonnie, is now a reseller for ps2201 ups for admacs,moriah


Unisource exports to canada navy  ps3300rm.  they ordered 2 more ups

gd-ais has clarified ther purchase or to powerstar for the jhsv to be gxt-3000 ups instead of gxt-4 for 125000 all 14

USCG has purchased a new ps1504 ups

GDIT has ordered 18 ps3200rm2u 2kva ups for their navy client

mercom has just purchased for the navy in charleton sc two ps6000

powerstar can send you any MSDS or SDS for any battery we use.  just call us

the Navy in pearl harbor has procured a ps6000rm2u and SRC has given powerstar a followon order for a ps6000rm2u

Lockheed Martin just order 10 more LCS upsmodel ps1503h-mb for lcs navy usage totalling over 50k

Naval Media in norfolk  juet purchased 2 ps6000 rm

Powerstar has added ps-502-850va  that now has a usb  charger builtin and 850va  and it is shipboard around $399

Powerstar now sells pure lead tin batteries that have a 2year shelf life at 80degree C. take a look at batteries.  many features that help you!

Colsa has ordered 6 ups for the Navy

Kampi  has ordered $16000 in rbc7x batteries HITEMP LONGLIFE

Better Design of Tempe arizona just bought 10 ps6003rm2uxl with a 9630 ethernet card for a navy MSC program