The Powerstar eXtreme duty Outdoor PS502-550XeM book shaped UPS /surge suppressor with Extended Runtimes

12 year battery/ 550VA 330Woutput 120VAC UPS; tested @150F for 24 hours

The PS502-550xeM This UPS specially built for Outdoor enclosure power applications e.g. power pole mounted surveillance cameras, WIFI link points. The unit has a total of 8ea. NEMA 5-15 outlets; 4 surge suppression only & 4 more outlets with surge suppression & UPS back up. It is mounted in a NEMA 4 weatherized metal cabinet. This UPS can supply 330 watts /550VA of stepped sine wave 60Hz output power. The PS502-550xeM comes with a 204VAhr eXtreme life valve-regulated lead acid battery (VRLA) that has a rated life of 12 years @25C. The battery also has a 2 year shelf life. Read specifics of the Battery pack here.

6-10ms transfer time (less than ) on loss of MAINS. It will run >11minutes@full load (330 watts), >38minutes@150W. It protects your equipment with a surge energy rating of 340 Joules & full time multi-pole noise filtering: 5% IEEE surge let-through and zero clamping response. It meets UL1449. It also contains Telco connector feed through to protect a data line or phone line from surges. Operating range is -40C to +80C with our x SERIES 12 YEAR battery or -15 to +50C with our long life (8-10years) Premium cell lower cost cell. The PS502-550xeM weight is ~22 lb (~10kg). The UPS ~size is 3.15(65mm)x 11.7(300mm)x 7.5(190mm).

Powerstar specializes in ruggedized UPS for Naval and Land use. We have been building UPS for the military services since 1993. Contact Powerstar at 1800-209-5556 or find a sales engineer or Email






All at a cost you can afford. Our competition offers similar units at twice the price. With a two year warranty as well, from Powerstar Inc. Gaithersburg, MD - an American manufacturer. Call 800-209-5556